Editing Videos in Kaltura Media

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The Kaltura Media Editor in My Media allows users to trim the beginning or end of videos, create clips, and splice then remove (chop) portions of a video.                     

Topics in this article include:

Launch the Editor

Trim a Video

Clip a Video

Chop/Splice a Video

Additional Documentation

Launch the Kaltura Media Editor 

To launch the Kaltura Media editor, go to your My Media and then click on the edit (pencil) icon to the right of your video. 

For instructions on accessing your Kaltura My Media, see Managing Your Kaltura Media (My Media).

screenshot of kaltura my media edit button 

Once the video loads, click Launch Editor

screenshot of launch editor button

If your video has captions, a warning message will display. In order to keep the original caption files intact, save a copy of the video before editing.

Warning message: Warning This media contains automated caption files. Saving this file or making a copy will disable the online captions editor and remove interactive transcript files. To keep the original caption files intact, please use Save a Copy, then edit the copy. Note that In-player captions will be preserved.

The editor consists of a left, right, and bottom pane.

screenshot of Kaltura editor

Media Details (Left Pane)

The left pane displays your media details. This pane may be minimized by clicking the open/close left pane button.

screenshot of right pain with callout to open/close pane button

Media Player (Right Pane)

The right pane is the Media Player. You may use the player to view your edits.

This player features:

  • Real-time input
  • Play/Pause buttons and the Skip to start/Skip to end Buttons
  • Volume button
  • Full screen button

screenshot of media player

Timeline (Bottom Pane):

You may select a certain point on the timeline, zoom in/out on the timeline, or use the timeline to clip, trim, or chop your video. The Timeline includes the following icons and tools:

  • Redo icon: retracts to the the last action you performed on the Timeline
  • Undo icon: undoes the last action you performed on the Timeline
  • Reset icon: resets the Timeline to its last saved state
  • Real Time Marker, with Quick Action and Time Code
    • Set In/Out: use to set cue points on your time line.
    • Split: use to cut your setment at the selected point
  • Fade In/Out icon: use to set fade in/out cue points on your selected segment
  • Delete icon: use to cut the selected segment
  • Zoom marker: use to enlarge the timeline display graunlarity
  • Handlebars: Use to snap to a certain point on the video segment
  • Show/Hide Audio: show or hide the audio tracks on the timeline
  • Total amount of the video duration: indicates the total amount of time of the video

screenshot of kaltura editor timeline

Trim a Video

Trimming enables you to edit the start time and end time of your media. Trimming a video effects your original video and any changes you make will be permanent.

Using the handle bars at the beginning and end of the clip, drag the bars to where you would like the video to start and stop.

screenshot of trimming a video


Click Save. This will bring up a warning message stating that any changes will be permanent.

screenshot of save warning

Click Save to save your changes.

Clip a Video

Creating a media clip creates a new media entry.  The clipping tool enables you to edit your media using the timeline or by setting the start time and end time of your new clip. 

Using the handle bars at the beginning and end of the new clip, drag the bars to where you would like the video to start and stop.

screenshot of creating a clip

Click Save A Copy. This will create a new clip.

Enter a title. You can either use the suggested title (indicating that this video is a clip) or create a new title. Click Create to save your clip. 

screenshot of saving options


Chop/Splice a Video

Chopping and splicing refers to removing a section from the middle of the video and placing the remaining two sections to form one new, shorter video.

Drag the blue marker to where the section you’d like to remove begins. Click the scissor icon. This will split the video into 2 parts.

screenshot of splitting video

Move the marker to where the section you’d like to remove ends. Click the scissor icon again.

The section you want to remove will have a yellow border around it. If it doesn’t, click anywhere in the section. Click the trash can icon to the left.

screenshot of deleting section

The section will disappear. Click and drag the right section to the left until it’s against the left section.

screenshot of joining sections

Click Save to replace the original video, or Save a Copy to preserve the original.

Additional Documentation

For additional detailed documentation, see Kaltura Video Editing Tools.

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