You can easily upload video from your mobile device to your myLesley course using Kaltura Media. Please note that you will need to hold your device horizontally in order to load Kaltura Media on your mobile device. 

Login to myLesley using your device's browser and navigate to the area in the course where you wish to upload a video (ex Discussion Board, Blog, etc.).

In the text/content editor, click the Mashups button. This will open a menu. Select Kaltura Media.

screenshot of kaltura mashup in mylesley text/content editor

This will bring you into the Kaltura My Media area. Click + button on the top right hand side of the page to open a menu. Select Media Upload.

screenshot of media upload button

Click + Choose a file to upload.

Select whether you wish to upload an existing video or create a new video using your device’s camera.


Select Take Photo or Video to record and upload a new video. Select Photo Library to select a photo or video from your photo library or select Browse to select a media file elsewhere on your device.

screenshot of iOS options for uploading media


Select Camera to record and upload a new video. Select Voice Recorder to record an audio file. Select Files to upload an existing media file on your device.

screenshot of Android options for uploading media

Select the desired video. You will then be brought back to the Upload Media area where you will be prompted to name your video and optionally add a description and tags. Click </> Save and Embed at the top of the page when done.

screenshot of uploading media

You will then be brought back to your the text editor within your myLesley content area (Discussion Post, Blog, etc.). You will see a yellow box where your media has been embedded. This is a placeholder - you will not be able to view your media while editing but your media will be visible once you save your content. 

screenshot of content/text editor

Click Submit to save your changes.