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General VoiceThread Troubleshooting

Audio Video Issues (Recording and Playback)

File Upload Issues

Voice Thread Mobile

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Trouble signing in

First, confirm that you are signing into the Lesley VoiceThread portal at

Click the Sign In button at the top of the page.

Enter your Lesley username (not your full email address) and password and click Sign In

Forgot your password? Go to to reset it.

Logging in on a mobile device? See VoiceThread Mobile for more information.

Please note that you will need a Lesley email address in order to access VoiceThread. If you do not have a Lesley email address please contact

General VoiceThread Troubleshooting

Adobe Flash

VoiceThread runs on Adobe Flash. In order to ensure that VoiceThread will run, ensure that your Flash is up-to-date and enabled in your browser.

Download Adobe Flash Player

Install and Enable Flash Player


While VoiceThread should work on most modern browsers, Firefox and Chrome tend to be the most compatible. If you are experiencing VoiceThread issues, try switching browsers.

Download Firefox

Download Chrome

If you are having trouble loading VoiceThread pages or using the recording features, you may need to set your browser to accept cookies. See Enabling Cookies for more information.

If something is not appearing as it should, you may need to clear your browser's cache to remove outdated information from your browser's temporary storage. See Clearing Your Browser's Cache for more information and instructions.


If you are working on a local area network, check the Network Requirements to ensure that the appropriate URLs are open and the firewall allows access to VoiceThread. See Network Requirements for more information.

Audio/Video Issues (Recording and Playback)

The most common VoiceThread issues involve issues recording or playing VoiceThreads. 

Settings for Your Computer

Make sure that the correct audio/video input/output is selected on your computer. The easiest way to test is to try using different programs. Are you able to play sound on your computer? Can you use the microphone/webcam in a different program (such as Skype for Business).

Adobe Flash

Having the latest version of Adobe Flash will ensure that VoiceThread is running smoothly. See Install and Enable Flash Player for more information.

Even if your computer’s audio settings are accurate, you might need to adjust your settings in Adobe Flash. Follow the steps below to verify and adjust them:

Right click anywhere on a VoiceThread slide.

Select “Settings…”

Click on the image of a microphone and/or webcam.

Select the correct input source.

Click “close”.

For more information troubleshooting Adobe Flash Player, see:

File Upload Issues

File Types

While VoiceThread does accept most file types for images, audio, video, documents, and presentations, you may want to confirm that your file is an acceptable file type. See File Types Accepted for more information.

File Size

Please note that VoiceThread does have a file size limit. No single file can be larger than 25MB. If you have a larger file you may need to break it up into smaller files or, in the case of video, compress the file.

Tips for uploading PowerPoint:

If your presentation uploads but the pages do not look quite right, please save your presentation in PDF format, and then upload that version to VoiceThread.

VoiceThread Mobile 

Experiencing issues using the VoiceThread Mobile app for iOS or Android? See Mobile App Troubleshooting.

Additional VoiceThread Support

Still experiencing issues? See VoiceThread Support and Documentation or email eLIS at for help.