When you fill out forms that are generated in Dynamic Forms, you must first log into the Dynamic Forms site. This allows us to keep our forms more secure.  If you stop in the middle of filling out a form, and want to go back to continue filling out the form, do NOT click on the link to the form again. If you click on the original form link again, it will start a new form instead of going to your form in progress. Log in at the Dynamic Forms Login screen and go to your Pending & Drafts form.  You can also find the correct link by going to the Faculty / Staff website and clicking on the Dynamic Forms link.

Accessing your forms

1. Log into Dynamic Forms using your Lesley credentials - the same ones that you use to log into LOIS or myLesley.

2. At the Welcome to Dynamic Forms screen, click on the Pending / Draft Forms button.

3. At the Pending / Draft Forms screen you will have access to:

  • Forms you completed, but were rejected by someone else
  • Forms you've saved in a draft status
  • Forms that require a payment
  • Forms that you need to complete
  • Forms requiring the signature of a co-signer

Basic troubleshooting steps

  • Everyone with Lesley credentials has a Dynamic Form account. If you have any issues logging into Dynamic Forms, try logging into your LOIS account to test that you are using the correct username and password. If you are not, then go to the password management site - https://mp.lesley.edu and click on Reset my Password. If you don't remember your security questions, then you can contact IT at it@lesley.edu.
  • Dynamic Forms works better in some browsers than others. If you are having issues within Dynamic Forms, try again using a different browser.  
  • To upload a document to a form, click on the Browse button, navigate to the document you wish to load, and click Upload File.
  • When in doubt, always check your Pending / Draft Forms section to find a form.