Course Groups provide a private space for students to work together that only they and the instructor can access. Groups may collaborate using Group Tools, such as Group Discussions, blogs, wikis and file exchange. For more information about using groups in your course, see Best Practices: Groups.

Topics in this Article Include

Creating Groups

Editing and Managing Groups

Group Tools

Creating Groups

You can create groups of students to collaborate on course work. Groups can be created one at a time or in sets. You can manually select group members or allow students to self-enroll. Each group has its own space, or homepage, with links to tools to help students collaborate. Only you and group members can access the group tools. 

To create a group, go to your course's Control Panel. Select Users and Groups and select Groups.

This will bring you into the Groups area. At the top of the page click Create. You will have the option to create a single group or a group set.

You will have the option to enroll the students in the groups yourself (manual enroll) or allow the students to choose their groups (self-enroll). For more information on group membership see Best Practice: Group Membership.

You will be prompted to give your group a name and (optional) description. Select the option to make the group visible to students.

Next, select the tools you wish to have available in the groups. For more information, see Group Tools.

Next, select whether to allow students to personalize their group page and whether or not you wish to create a smart view for the group. If you are enrolling students yourself, click Add Users to enroll them. For more information, see Enroll Students in a Group. Once you have finished, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

For more information see Create and Manage Groups or view the Groups Management video below.

Editing and Managing Groups

On the Groups listing page, you can create groups, as well as edit, manage, and delete them. See Manage Groups for more information.

Group Tools

There are several tools available for groups, including communication tools such as group email and group discussions and collaboration tools such as group assignments, group blogs, and group wikis. See Group Tools for more information.

Group Email

The group email tool allows for fast and easy communication. The recipient list is automatically populated with group members, so you can quickly select all or only some of them. 

Group Discussions

Group Discussion Boards are separate from the regular course discussion board and only accessible by group members. Members of a group can create and manage their own forums for discussion and collaboration. For more information on using Discussion Boards, see Setting up and Managing the myLesley Discussion Board.

Group Assignments

You may create Assignments and assign them to one or more groups within your course. Each group will submit one collaborative assignment and all students will receive the same grade. For more information see Create Group Assignments. For more information on Assignments in myLesley, see Creating and Managing Assignments in myLesley.