Advanced myLesley Grade Center and Grading (Faculty)

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About the Grade Center

The Grade Center functions as an online spreadsheet where each row contains the name of one of your students and each column represents an item such as an assignment, test, or calculated grade. 

Please note that all final term/semester grades must be entered in Self-Service. Instructions for entering grades in Self-Service may be found here: Teaching and Scholarship: Grading. Direct grading inquiries to the Records Department in the Registrar's Office at 617.349.8751 or 800.999.1959 x8751 or by email at

Set up your Grade Center in myLesley (online tutorial)

Setting up the myLesley Grade Center is not always the most intuitive thing. However, with a little bit of thought, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Before you begin, view the Set Up Your Grade Center in myLesley online tutorial. This tutorial will walk you through the process of organizing your gradable items, creating your content, and setting up your Grade Center.

Basic Grade Center

For an overview of the basic Grade Center features, including creating columns and entering grades, see myLesley Grade Center and Grading.

Viewing Grade Details

Grade Details displays the student's grade information including each attempt at completing the assignment. Here you may view, grade and provide feedback to the student, as well as view the students' attempts and grade history. 

To access the Grade Details, go to the Full Grade Center.

in the course control panel, select grade center and then select full grade center

Locate your student's submission in the Grade Center spreadsheet.

locate your student's row in the grade center

Hover your mouse over the submission until the chevron appears.

click the chevron to open a menu

Click the chevron to open a menu. Select View Grade Details.

select view grade details

You will be brought into the Grade Details area. Here, you may grade, clear, exempt, or ignore an attempt; allow an additional attempt; override a grade; view the grade column details; and view the grade history.

the grade details area allows you to change the grade, view attempts, allow additional attempts, and more

See View Grade Details for more information or watch the How to Use Grade Details to See Attempts and Assign Grades tutorial video.

Clearing a Student's Assignment Attempt or Allowing an Additional Assignment Attempt

By default, Assignments are set to only allow one attempt per student. In some cases, you may need to clear a student's attempt or allow a student to submit an additional attempt. See Clearing a Student's Assignment Attempt or Allowing an Additional Assignment Attempt for more information and detailed instructions.

Overriding Grades

At times you may need to change a grade for a student's submission. See Override Grades for more information.

Anonymous and Delegated Grading

Anonymous Grading

Anonymous grading allows instructors to grade without bias by hiding student names from submissions. You may enable anonymous grading when creating an assignment. For instructions on creating an assignment, see Creating and Managing myLesley Assignments.

When creating an assignment, scroll down to Grading Options and select Enable Anonymous Grading. You may choose whether to disable anonymous grading after a certain date or once all submissions are graded.

in grading options, select the option to enable anonymous grading

Once you begin grading the assignment you will notice that the students appear anonymous.

student names will appear anonymous in the needs grading area

Please note that if your students include their name in the body of their assignment it will not be hidden from you.

For more information see Anonymous Grading or watch the Anonymous Grading tutorial video.

Delegated Grading

Delegated grading allows you to divide up grading tasks among specific users in your course (such as another instructor or teaching assistant). These users may provide provisional grades, which you may then review to determine a final grade. You may enable delegated grading when creating an assignment. For instructions on creating an assignment, see Creating and Managing myLesley Assignments

When creating an assignment, scroll down to Grading Options and select Enable Delegated Grading. You may decide whether to provide access for each grader to review all submissions, a random set, or groups. You may also decide whether or not each grader has the ability to view other graders' scores, feedback, and notes.

in the grading options, select enable delegated grading

For more information see Delegated Grading or watch the Delegated Grading tutorial video.


Rubrics can help students organize their efforts to meet the  requirements of an assignment, and you can use them to explain  evaluations to students. Rubrics can help ensure consistent and impartial grading. See myLesley Rubrics for more information on creating, editing, and associating rubrics.

Grade Center Reports and Statistics

You can create printable reports from the Grade Center including progress reports from a particular grading period or for a specific set of students. You may also view statistical information related to any column or any user. See Grade Reports and Statistics.

Working Offline with the Grade Center

Offline grading allows you to grade at your convenience, without needing to be online. You may upload grades from an external file (such as an Excel spreadsheet or csv file) or download your Grade Center grades to work offline. 

For more information, see Working Offline with the Grade Center or watch the Working Offline with the Grade Center tutorial video.

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