Search and Collect Discussions in myLesley

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Search Discussions

In the Discussion Board you can search for specific text, such as a word or phrase. To begin, go to a Discussion Board forum or thread and select Search.

screenshot of search button in discussion board

Enter your search criteria (word, phrase, etc.) and select where you would like to search:

  • Current Discussion Board
  • All Forums in Course
  • Current Forum
  • Current Thread

Optionally, you may narrow your search results by using the After and/or Before options to search within a date range.

screenshot of search options

Click Go to search the Discussion Board. You will then be brought to the Search Results page where you may browse, read, and reply to the posts.

Collect Posts

You may collect Discussion Board posts to filter, sort, and print them.

Go to a Discussion Board Forum and open a thread. Select the check boxes next to the posts you want to collect. If the post has replies, select the check boxes for those posts as well to include them in the collection. Or click Select All at the top of the page to select all of the posts in the discussion.

screenshot of discussion board post

At the top of the page, click Message Actions. This will open a drop-down menu. Select Collect.

screenshot of collect button

Sort or Filter Posts

Once you have sorted or collected your Discussion posts you may sort them by author, subject, date, or thread order. You may also sort by ascending or descending order.

screenshot of sorting discussions

You may further filter your posts by clicking on the Filter button.

screenshot of filter button

You may filter by author, status, or tags. Please note that only instructors have the ability to tag posts.

screenshot of collection options

Print Discussions or Save as a PDF

Once you have sorted, collected, and/or filtered your Discussions, you may print them or save them as a PDF.

Click the Print Preview button at the top of your Search or Collection page.

screenshot of print preview button

This will bring up the Print Preview window. Here you may select to Save as a PDF or print to your printer. Please note that your view may vary based on your browser and computer operating system.

screenshot of print options

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