The Attendance tool allows faculty to easily track attendance within myLesley. This is especially helpful in face-to-face or blended courses. Once the Attendance tool is launched, it will create an Attendance column in the Grade Center, which will provide an overall attendance score. 

Topics in this article include:

Access Attendance

Mark Attendance

Track Collaborate Ultra Attendance

Access Attendance

To access your Attendance tool, go to your course Control Panel, select Course Tools, and select Attendance.

Screenshot of accessing Attendance tool in course menu

This will launch the Attendance tool. 

When the tool launches for the first time, you will be prompted to add the default settings for the grade display and the Late option in the Grade Schema. Click Save to save your changes.

screenshot of Attendance tool settings

Mark Attendance

During each course meeting, you may mark attendance by launching the Attendance tool and marking each student's attendance.

screenshot of marking attendance

For more information see Attendance or view the tutorial video below:

Collaborate Attendance Reporting

Blackboard will now track attendance in a Collaborate session. Based on criteria you set, Collaborate tracks if a student is present, late, or absent from a session. This information is then sent directly to the Attendance page in your myLesley course.

Attendance reporting is turned off by default and you must turn it on for each session in which you want to track attendance. For more information on turning on attendance reporting, see Attendance Reporting.