Classroom technology capabilities and furniture configurations can be viewed on 25Live. After you've logged in, you can search for your room to find the details. Below are some steps to search for your classroom.

1. When first signing in, the default search is for Events.

2. Click the drop down menu to select Locations. 

3. Now you will see the "Select Object" set as Locations. 

4. After searching for your space by entering it's room number and hitting search, it will bring you to the room's availability for that day. You can change the date by clicking on it or arrowing forward. 

5. To find the list of equipment in the room, select list from the bar above. After selecting, the "Features" category lists the technology and physical capabilities of the space.

This is is updated any time a change is made to the space. 

If you need to make a room change, please contact the Registrar's Office.