Phishing Examples

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Phishing and spoofing email messages usually contain a fake sender address and/or name.  The message may appear to have come from a Lesley community member, but it is sent from a different email address. Review the From: field in the email to validate the sender.  Poorly worded or grammatically-incorrect messages are a red flag for phishing.  We've compiled a few examples of actual spam messages sent to Lesley University recipients.

Example 1:

From: "Lewis, Terry L." <>
Reply-To: "Lewis, Terry L." <>
Date: Friday, at 11:09 AM
Subject: ITHelp Desk 

We are migrating all mailboxes to the new Outlook Web App. It is the new home for online self-service and information. Click on GATEWAY and perform a one-time sign-on:
  • Access the new staff directory
  • Update your ID photo
  • E-mail and Calendar Flexibility
  • Everyone is advised to migrate immediately. 

 ©Help Desk Support
Connected to Microsoft Exchange © 2020 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Example 2:

From: Janet L. Steinmayer <>
Sent: Saturday, 1:06:23 PM
To: Example <>
 kindly share me your cell number I need you to get something done.
Best Regards
Janet L. Steinmayer

Example 3:

From: Christopher Dean <>
Sent: Friday, 3:35 AM
To: Example <>
Subject: Use and protect backup against COVID-19-related cybercrime
Use and protect backup against COVID-19-related cybercrime
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Example 4:

From: IT Service Desk <>
Sent: Tuesday, 1:16 PM
To: Example <>
Subject: Document Blocked
Your incoming document has been blocked for some reasons:
Necessary action is required from you to received all pending documents.
Thank you,
Copyright © 2020 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
This message is for only. Please do not reply to this emails.

Example 5:

From: president office <>
Sent: Thursday, 8:16 AM
To: Example
Subject: Presidential Planning, Initiatives and Strategic Motives
Dear Colleagues ,

Our aims is to provide guidance and align our behaviors as we make great decisions that impact our daily operations. we rely on our values and this code as guidelines, as a breach of the Policy may result in disciplinary action against the Employee concerned.
All employees, including all individuals on full-time or part-time employment with the Institution are required to go through the guidelines attached in this email. It is important that we all adhere to these guidelines so you will be helping to ensure a future success of this great institution.
“Many strategic planning processes have failed at the implementation stage. In my observation, this often happened because the initial conversations were allowed to trail off or because no one felt that she/he was responsible for the implementation. In a truly effective planning process there are multiple steps: we need to determine where we want to go; figure out how to get there; do the work; and measure our progress.”
Thank you for your ongoing commitment to delivering a better and reliable service.
Sincerely ,
President example. PresidentLesley UNIVERSITY


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