Course Template

The course template is designed to ensure that all courses are organized in a similar manner, ensuring that students are able to easily navigate, find their content, and have a more seamless experience from course to course.

The Course Content and Assignments area is where you should organize your course content. You may choose to organize your content by week, unit, or topic. Whichever method you use, be sure to keep it consistent.


Create Content Folders

To begin, create a folder to contain each unit’s content. Name each folder with the week, unit, or topic information. For example, Week 1, Module 1, Unit 1. 


Add Content Within Folders

Click each folder to open it. Within each folder, include:


This will serve as your guide for the week. Create an item and Include a summary of the content, learning activities, or goals. 

Course Content

This could include information on readings, links to readings or resources, videos (that you create or that you embed from the web), web content, and more. Use the Accessibility Checklist to ensure that your content is accessible to all users.

Activities and Assignments

This could include various types of student activities or assignments, including Discussions, Assignments, Blogs, Journals, Tests, and more.


Create an item and include a bulleted list summarizing what your students should accomplish, including assignments and deadlines. 


Run the Ally Course Report to ensure that your content is accessible to all users.