1. Press the projector ON button
  2. Wait 60 seconds for the projector to warm up
  3. Remove the VGA cable from the drawer
  4. Connect the VGA cable from the BlackBox to your laptop
  5. (Mac) Connect the VGA cable into your display adapter, then plug the adapter into your computer
  6. Select the input on the black box that corresponds with the port you used for your laptop
  7. Plug the headphone cable into the headphone port on your laptop
  8. Plug the other end of the headphone cable into the laptop audio port on the BlackBox
  9. Turn the volume on your computer all the way up
  10. Use the volume knob on the control panel to adjust the volume in the room.

Rooms with a Black Box:

[Updated 3/20/20]

University Hall

2-141 & 3-087,