Managing Student Performance (Faculty)

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Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard allows you to see user activity in your course, including when people have logged into your course, how many times they have posted in the Discussion Board, and a direct link to the Grade Center to check student grades. 

To access the Performance Dashboard go to your course Control Panel, select Evaluation, and select Performance Dashboard.

The Performance Dashboard will load. 

Here you may view each participant's name, username, role within the course (instructor, teaching assistant, instructor, etc.), the date they last accessed the course, the number of days since they last accessed the course, any Adaptive Release information (if applicable), the number of times they have posted in the Discussion Board, Retention Center information, and a link to the Grade Center.

For more information see Performance Dashboard or watch the Performance Dashboard Overview Video.

Retention Center

The Retention Center gives you an at-a-glance view of how your students are doing and helps you discover which are at risk. Alerts tell you if students haven't logged in to the course recently, aren't participating in course activities, have missed due dates or have grades below a certain threshold. 

To access the Retention Center, go to your course Control Panel, select Evaluation, and select Retention Center.

For more information see Retention Center or watch the The Retention Center in Blackboard tutorial video.

Course Reports

Blackboard gives you the ability to run several types of course reports that allow you to view course usage and activities.

To access Course Reports, go to your course Control Panel, select Evaluation, and select Course Reports.

This will pull up a list of available course reports. Click on any report to run.

  • All User Activity inside Content Areas displays a summary of all user activity inside content areas for a course. Use this report to determine which students are active in your course and which content areas they use.
  • Course Activity Overview displays overall activity within a single course, sorted by student and date. Data includes the total and average time spent per active student and the total amount and type of activity each student had in the course. Optionally, you can filter the report by one or more groups. Only students who are members of the selected groups are included in report results.
  • Course Performance displays how a single course performs against a selected set of goals.
  • Overall Summary of User Activity displays user activity for all areas of your course, as well as activity dates, times, and days of the week. Use this report to view student access as well as how often course tools are used.
  • Single Course User Participation Report displays the number of user submissions in your course for assignments, tests, discussions, blogs, and journals within the chosen time frame. You don't need to grade an item for data to be included in the report. The data is provided in a Microsoft® Excel®spreadsheet (XLS).

    If no activity exists for an item type, no column appears. If no students submitted an assignment in the chosen time frame, no assignment column appears in the spreadsheet.

  • Student Overview for Single Course displays an individual student's activity within your course, sorted by date. Data includes the total overall time a student spent in your course. You can view detailed information about a student's activity, such as which items and content areas a student accessed and the time spent on each. Use this report to check a certain student's course activity.
  • User Activity in Forums displays a summary of user activity in discussion forums in your course.
  • User Activity in Groups displays a summary of user activity in groups for your course.

For more information see Blackboard Course Reports.

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