Faculty and staff (including temporary and student staff) may request access to the Colleague database. Accounts will not be created until a completed account request form, including all required signatures, is received by Enterprise Applications and Servers.

There are a minimum of 3 signatures needed on a Colleague Database Account Request Form:
1. The employee for whom the account is being requested
2. The department head or dean to whom the person reports
3. The approving person from one or more of the following departments, depending on the access requested:

  • Office of the University Registrar - for Student System (ST) access
  • Finance - for Colleague Financial (CF) access

Once the account request form [pdf] has been completed with the employee's and supervisor's signatures, it should be faxed to one of the above approving departments for their signature(s). Fax numbers for these departments are on the request forms in the respective areas. The approving department will then send the form to the next approving department or to Enterprise Applications and Servers by fax at 617.349.8989 for processing.

To request a Colleague account or to request additional access, please complete the Colleague Request form or the Update Access form found on the Faculty and Staff Information Technology page.