FAQs for Authorized Signers (Approvers) - Workday & Colleague Contracts

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Use these frequently asked questions for Authorized Signers/Approvers to help you navigate the HR Workday implementation and the impact to the Colleague Payment Contract Approval process.


Where can I find documentation for the contract process?

Documentation is located in the Colleague SharePoint site under the Colleague & Informer Documents section and the Colleague Custom Documentation folder: All Documentation for Contracts & Workday Integration

Where do I go to approve/re-approve contracts?

You will approve/re-approve contracts on the Contracts to be Approved by Authorized Signer (XAPPR) screen in Colleague.

Where can I see the payroll deadlines for approving/re-approving contracts?

The Payroll Deadlines (XPP3) screen is an inquiry screen that displays the entire year’s payment schedule and the Payroll Closeout dates, which are the deadlines for approving/re-approving per pay period. If you don’t have access to XPP3, you can request it here:  Requesting a Colleague account / Updating Colleague Access

What does Monthly Locked or Bi-Weekly Locked mean on the XAPPR screen?

When payroll is processing payments, they will lockdown the current pay period(s).  You will not be able to approve or re-approve any contracts for that pay period during this time.  If monthly and bi-weekly pay dates are the same, both pay periods will be under lockdown.  However, if the pay dates are different, the pay periods will be under lockdown at different times.

During this lockdown, can I approve/re-approve any contracts?

Yes. The lockdown only applies to existing contracts for the applicable pay period that have already been exported to Workday.  Any contracts that need to be approved or re-approved for an upcoming pay period can be processed. 

As an Authorized Signer how do I know that I have contracts to approve/re-approve? 

Reports will be emailed to all Authorized Signers starting 2 weeks before the contract's start date and will be sent every night for contracts that are waiting to be approved/re-approved. 

What will trigger the need for a contract to be re-approved?

Changes to contract amount, start date, end date, cost center (budget code), or service provided (earnings code) will trigger the need for re-approval.   However, once a contract has been exported to Workday, the cost center cannot be changed.  Contact Finance at finance@lesley.edu.

What is ‘Urgency’ mode? 

The ‘Urgency’ period is 3 days before the Payroll Closeout date, which can be seen on the Payroll Deadlines (XPP3) screen. Any new contracts or changes to existing contracts are considered urgent due to the short window for approval before the payroll closeout date.  For example, if the Payroll Closeout Date is 09/21/23 then the ‘Urgency’ mode will be 09/18/23, 09/19/23 and 09/20/23. 

I’m designated as an Authorized Signer and there is a contract that I am not ready to approve due to concerns/questions/issues. What should I do? 

You will need to contact the person who created or changed the contract. This information is included in the emails notifying you of the contracts that need approval/re-approval.  You can also find this person and their email address by going to XCO1 and detailing into the Contract.  Look for the label “Contract Added By” for New Approvals or “Contract Changed by” for Re-Approvals.   If you don't have access to XCO1, you can request it here:  Requesting a Colleague account / Updating Colleague Access.

Changes will need to be made and approved/re-approved by the Payroll Closeout date as seen on XPP3.

As an Authorized Signer, can I cancel or change a contract? 

If you do not have maintenance access to XCO1, you will need to coordinate with the person who added or changed the contract.  If you have maintenance access to XCO1, you can make changes to contracts and cancel contracts.

Who manages the Authorized Signers?

Finance manages both cost centers and their authorized signers.  Please contact finance@lesley.edu for assistance.

How can I see active contracts?

Use the XCDI Active Contracts screen to see active contracts by pay cycle, contract type, cost center and/or user.  Batch reports are no longer used to process payments for employee contracts, so this screen allows you to report on the active contracts in the system.

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