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Accessing Student Submissions

Annotate Student Submissions

Supported File Types

Feedback and Assigning a Grade

Download Student Submissions


When an assignment is created, a column is automatically added to the Grade Center where the instructor can review submissions, assign grades, and provide feedback. For more information on creating Assignments, see Creating and Managing Assignments in myLesley.

For more information on grading assignments, please see Assignment Inline Grading or view the tutorial video below:

Accessing Student Submissions

To grade your students' assignments, go to the Control Panel and select Grade Center.  To see all assignments awaiting grades, select Needs Grading.

screenshot of Needs Grading link

You will be brought to the Needs Grading area. Here, you will see all items awaiting grades. To begin grading, select Grade All (to begin grading all items in the order in which they appear in the Needs Grading area) or select an individual submission.

screenshot of Needs Grading area

On the Grade Assignment page you can view your student's submission, provide comments and annotations directly on the submission, enter a grade, and provide feedback.

screenshot of Grade Assignment page

Safari users may experience errors viewing student submissions in myLesley. Please use the Chrome or Firefox browser to view submissions and use the inline grading tools.

If you are unable to view your students' submissions and, instead, see a blank white space, you will need to make sure that 3rd party cookies are enabled in your browser. Instructions for enabling 3rd party cookies may be found here:

Annotate Student Submissions

To add a comment or annotation to your student's submission, click on the Point Annotation Mode button at the top of the page.

Screenshot of comment button

Click anywhere on the window to add a point comment. Or select text to add a highlight or highlight comment.

screenshot of commenting tool

Type your comment into the comment box and click Post

Once you have posted your comment, your student may reply to the comment.

Please note that annotation sessions will expire after 60 minutes. After the limit has expired, annotations may not be saved.

Supported File Types

While you may view a variety of file types in the inline viewer, you will only be able to use the comment and annotation tool on certain types of files:

  • Documents: doc, .docx
  • Presentations: .ppt, .pptx
  • Spreadsheets: .xls, .xlsx
  • PDF
  • Image Files: ai, bmp, dcm, eps, gif, png, ps, psd, svs, tga, tif, tiff

Original formatting and any embedded images will be preserved. Other file formats (including video files, spreadsheets, and more) will be viewable but you will not be able to annotate. For more information on accepted file types see File Types and Fonts Supported in Box Content Preview.

Providing Feedback and Assigning a Grade

In the right panel you may provide written or audio/video feedback to your student, attach files, and assign a grade.

screenshot of New Box View buttons

In the Feedback to Learner section, type any overall feedback for the assignment. If you typed up your feedback in a document, you may choose to attach the file. You may also click the Click to Open Full Content Editor button to access the full text/content editor.

To provide audio or video feedback to your students, see Providing Audio and/or Video Feedback.

You may choose to add private grading notes. These notes are not visible to the student.

If you associated a rubric with the assignment, it will also be visible in this area. For more information on Rubrics see myLesley Rubrics.

Enter a grade for the attempt.

Click Submit to submit the grade to your student. Please note that your student will not be able to view your feedback until you submit.

Download Student Submissions

If you wish, you may download a copy of your student's submission. If you graded the submission using the inline grading/annotation tool, you may also download a copy of the Annotated PDF.

To download the submission, go to the right-hand column and click on the chevron next to the submission file.

screenshot of download chevron

This will bring up your download options. You may download the original file or, if you have annotated the assignment, you may download the Annotated PDF.

screenshot of download options