1) To set up an account with LiveText, an email from support@livetext.com will be sent to your email address within two weeks after the add/drop date for classes and will contain your unique registration link. Click the link and a new screen will appear with your keycode pre-populated in hidden characters. Complete all necessary fields on the remainder of the page (e.g., personal email which can remain the same as your Lesley email) and create a username and password for the site.

2) Log in to the www.livetext.com site with the username and password that was created for your account. Upon logging in you will be brought to your account’s Dashboard view where key assignments for your current courses are displayed.

3) To submit work for a key assignment, click the Begin Assignment button.

4) The key assignment description will appear on the page with the assignment due date posted on the top-right. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it reads Assignment Submission to submit work. To add a file, click the Attach button and then click the Upload button to browse for a file on your local device. If you wish to add comments, you may enter them in the comment box provided.

5) To view the rubric that your key assignment will be scored on, click the Show More link on the right side of the page, and click Show More once again to view the rubric.

6) When you have finished adding ALL your key assignment work, click the Submit Assignment button to submit and then click Ok to confirm.

7) If there is an error with your submission, you may click the Withdraw Submission button at the bottom of the next page. If you are unable to withdraw your submission, this indicates that your instructor is in the process of assessing your work and your work cannot be retracted. For this scenario, reach out to your instructor directly and ask they click the Request Resubmission button.

8) To return to your dashboard, click the Dashboard tab where you may submit to addition key assignments as well as view assessment scores. To submit to an assignment from a previous term, click the Term dropdown box and select the term you wish to access. You will see all assignments from the selected term and may submit work or view posted results.

For a video showing how to submit work on LiveText, please visit this link: http://screencast.com/t/Eoj0L5WKIhxw.


Questions? Email map@lesley.edu