For GSOE students, you will receive an email to set-up your account during your first semester. For CLAS students in educator licensure programs, you will receive an email to set-up your account during sophomore year. Lesley University distributes accounts, so please do not try to set an account up through LiveText directly.

If you are a MAP-eligible student taking a course that requires MAP, within the first 2 weeks after the add/drop period has ended an email from will be sent to your email address. Within it, includes a unique keycode URL to register with the LiveText site. Several fields will be populated with your information but addition fields are necessary to fill to create your account, including a username and password. If entering your Lesley credentials as a username, it is possible this username has been taken by a member of LiveText's expanded list of institutions (e.g., jsmith). Email if you have not received your account registration email or if you staff or faculty wishing to receive an honorary account. See attached image below for sample registration link email.

Note: for students, registration emails are only sent to those in MAP-eligible programs and are currently enrolled in MAP-eligible courses that use key assignment assessment. Earliest availability of account registration occurs within 2 weeks after the add/drop period via an email invite from; please check the Registrar's Academic Calendar for a listing of add/drop dates: