How Do I Send Documents with non-LiveText Users?

Modified on Mon, 30 Sep 2019 at 03:39 PM

To send LiveText documents, such as a professional portfolio, to an outside user or employer, a Visitor Pass will need to be created. Once you log in, click the Tools tab followed by the Visitor Passes subtab. To create a new Visitor Pass click the New button and enter a recognizable title (e.g., Employer Visitor Pass) and click Save. Take note of the Visitor's Pass ID as this code will be shared with the outside uses to gain access to your document(s).

You will now need to link documents to this Visitor Pass for outside users to see your work. Click the LiveText Docs tab from the top bar and open the document you wish to share. On the document page click Share this Document and type in the name of your Visitor's Pass (e.g., Employer Visitor Pass), click on the appropriate result found below, and then click the Add to Share button that appears afterwards to link this document.

To add other portfolios or LiveText documents to the same Visitor's Pass, perform these exact steps for the other documents you wish to include. Multiple Visitor Passes can be created and linked to any of your documents, including documents that may already have an existing Visitor's Pass. This is particularly helpful if wanting to track individual visits by an outside user where a separate Visitor Pass would be created for each person (e.g., Employer 1's Visitor Pass, Employer 2's Visitor Pass, etc.). The numbers documents added and personal visits to Visitor's Pass can be seen by returning to the Tools page and revisiting the Visitor Passes subtab. Click Documents to view and edit documents linked to each Visitor's Pass or click Visits to find the numbers of visits to the pass and the date it was seen.

For the outside user receiving the customized Visitor's Pass code, they will want to visit the Visitor's Pass section of LiveText:, which is also accessible by going to www.livetext.comand clicking the Visitor Pass tab. They would type in the shared code in the Visitor Pass textbox and click the Visitor Pass Entry button to access your work.

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