myLesley Frequently Asked Questions (Faculty)

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How do I add a faculty member (TA, mentor, etc.) to my course?

To add a TA, special guest, or mentor to your course, fill out the appropriate myLesley Access form: 

For more information, see Getting Access to myLesley Courses

How do I add/remove items from my course menu?

Your course menu is fully customizable. To edit the course menu first make sure you have Edit Mode turned on (found at the top right of your course page). In the course menu, click on the chevron next to an item to open the edit menu allowing you to hide/unhide, rename, and delete items. Add new menu items by clicking on the plus icon at the top of the menu or move menu items by dragging and dropping. For more information, see Modifying Your myLesley Course Menu.

How do I upload my syllabus?

The easiest place to upload your syllabus in myLesley is to upload the file directly in the Syllabus area of your course. Click on the Syllabus link in your course menu (if you do not have a Syllabus link, see Adding Content to Your myLesley Course for instructions). At the top of the page, select Build Content, then select File. Give your file a name and select Browse my Computer to upload a file. Locate and select your file to attach it. Click Submit to save your changes. For more information and detailed instructions, see Uploading a Syllabus.

How do I set date/time restrictions on my content?

To edit a course item’s release date, click the chevron to edit that item. Scroll to the Select Date and Time Restrictions section. Select a date and time of day to release your content. When you’re finished click the Submit button. For more information and detailed instructions, read Managing Release Dates (Setting Date/Time Restrictions).

One of my students needs to have content released earlier than the other students. How can I set up multiple release dates?

In some instances you may need to modify your course module release dates in order to accommodate a student or group of students. To do so, you will need to use the Adaptive Release tool to create one rule to release the content for the one student and then create a second rule for the rest of the students. This way the content will be released once for the first student and a second time for the rest of the students. See Using Adaptive Release to Set Multiple Release Dates for Content for more information and detailed instructions.

How do I copy my course?

If you need to copy the content of a previous course into your upcoming course on myLesley, we recommend using the Course Copy function. Select the Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course option to make an exact copy of your previous course. 

See Copying myLesley Courses for more detailed instructions. If you wish, request eLIS to process the course copy via our Course Copy Request Form

I got an email saying that my course is going to be disabled. What do I do?

As part of the course lifecycle policy, courses are disabled in myLesley after a certain time period. Undergraduate and Master's level courses are disabled 2 years from the course end date. Doctoral level courses are disabled 5 years after the course end date.

Once your course has ended, we recommend archiving your course, archiving student work and backing up your content to a cloud-based service such as OneDrive on Office 365.

For more information, see End of Semester Course Cleanup.

How and where do I enter grades?

Grades can be entered into the Grade Center. In your course’s Control Panel click on the Grade Center item to access the Grade Center page. For more information on the Grade Center, visit myLesley Grade Center and Grading

All grades entered into the Grade Center remain in your course – they are not automatically submitted to Self-Service. To submit grades into the university system you will need to enter them manually though Self-Service

Please note that all final term/semester grades must be entered in Self-Service. Instructions for entering grades in Self-Service may be found here: Teaching and Scholarship: Grading.  Direct grading inquiries to the Records Department in the Registrar's Office at 617.349.8751 or 800.999.1959 x8751 or by email at

Students submitted assignments – where do I find them and how do I grade them?

Assignments submitted by students are available for review via the Grade Center. See Grading myLesley Assignments  or watch the Bb Annotate Tutorial Video for more information and detailed instructions.

My student attached the wrong document to an assignment and can't re-submit. What do I do?

By default, Assignments are set to only allow one attempt per student. If your student accidentally attaches the wrong document or experiences an error while uploading, you may need to clear the student's attempt or allow the student to submit an additional attempt. For more information and detailed instructions, see Clearing a Student's Assignment Attempt or Allowing an Additional Assignment Attempt.

How do I use the myLesley email tool?

myLesley’s built-in email tool can be used to send messages to all your course participants (students, TAs, etc), course groups, or select individuals. Access your course’s email tool by clicking on the Tools item in the course menu and clicking on Send Email on the following page. On the next page, choose which type of email you want to send, select your recipients and type in your message. You can add an attachment, also, if needed. To send the message click the Submit button. A copy of the original message is automatically sent to the sender. For more information and detailed instructions, see Communicating Within Your Course: Send Email.

How can I view the course as a student?

Instructors may use the Student Preview Mode to view their course as a student. Student Preview will allow the instructor to experience the course exactly the same as a student, including the ability to submit assignments, take tests, create blog and discussion posts, view My Grades, etc. 

How do I view my students' individual blog/journal entries?

By default, when you navigate to a blog/journal you will only see your content. To locate your students' blogs locate the Blog Details area on the right side of the blog page and click the chevron under your name to expand the selection. You should then see a list of all of the students' blogs/journals. For more information and detailed instructions, see Viewing Students' Individual Blogs.

Can I set up an appointment to meet with someone?

Please contact us at to set up an appointment. We are happy to meet with you in person, on the phone, or online. You may also stop by our online office hours - no appointment needed. Monday and Thursday 2-4 PM: eLIS Online Office Hours

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