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Copy Your myLesley Course

Copy Request Form

Archive Your Course

Copy Your myLesley Course

You may copy your course materials from one course into the next by using the Copy Course function. 

Select the Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course option to make an exact copy of your previous course. You may also select certain sections of your course into the new course.

Go to the Control Panel, select Packages and Utilities and select Course Copy.

This will bring you into the Copy Course Area.

In section 1, Select Copy Type, select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

In section 2, Select Copy Options, select the destination course (the course you wish to copy content into) by clicking the Browse button and locating your course. Next, select the course materials you wish to copy. To make an exact copy of your course, click the Select All button. 

We recommend that you do not copy Announcements into your course, as this will copy all of the Announcements from your previous course. We also recommend that for the Discussion Board you only copy the forums, not the posts. Copying the posts will copy the students' post from your previous course into your new course. In order to make an exact copy of your course menu, select Navigation Settings in the Settings area.

The image below shows our recommended options.

In Section 3, File Attachments, select Copy Links and copies of the content. This will ensure that any files or attachments are copied into your course.

Once you have finished, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

For more information on copying courses, see Copying Courses.



Copy Request Form

If you would like to have a member of the eLIS staff copy content into your upcoming class shell on Blackboard please fill out the Copy Request Form at There is a 2 business day turn around time for this service.

Archive Your Course

If you wish to archive a past or recently ended course, we recommend using the Archive function. This will allow you to save a .zip file to your computer containing all the content of your course. This .zip file can be imported into a future myLesley course or safely saved in your OneDrive on Office 365. See Archiving myLesley Courses for detailed instructions.