As the industry continues to move towards digital content, Lesley University is working diligently to enable all our classrooms to play copy-protected content. Old systems such as VHS use an older technology which is incompatible with copy-protected content.  When individuals try to use the latest technology on outdated systems, the screen is black and only audio can be heard.  To empower educators to deliver content through devices such as iPads or other media delivery services, we are in the process of upgrading all our classrooms from analog to digital.

If you have not moved to digital content and still need to show a DVD or VHS player, you can do so with the following applicable resources.

  1. Reserve a Laptop with a DVD Player: You can reserve a loaner laptop by going to

  2. USB DVD Drive:  If you have a Macintosh laptop computer that does not have a built in DVD drive, we have USB DVD drives that are available to be checked out.

  3. Classroom Computers with DVD Players:  The following rooms have a teacher station equipped with a DVD drive
    • Univ 2-078
    • Univ 2-141
    • Doble 309
    • Wolfard 201
    • Wolfard 203
    • Wolfard 204
    • Sherilll 153
    • Sherrill 155

  4. Current Classrooms with DVD/VHS:  If a computer is not needed and only a DVD/VHS player is required, the following rooms have the players in them:
    • Sherrill 251
    • Univ 1-150
    • Univ 2-048
    • Univ 2-078
    • Univ 2-141
    • Univ 3-087
    • Univ 4-004
    • Doble 213
    • Doble 209
    • Doble 309
    • Doble 413
    • Doble 415