How do I complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement?

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You can complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement on the Lesley University Self-Service portal. You will not be able to register for classes unless you have signed this agreement - if you are attempting to register for classes on your Student Self-Service account before completing this agreement, you will see a notification prompting you to do so and the buttons for registration will remain unavailable.

To view the Financial Responsibility Agreement - or any other required agreements you may need to complete - log in to the Self-Service and select "User Options" followed by "Required Agreements" on the left sidebar.

Self-Service landing page. The User Options dropdown menu is highlighted, and below it the mouse pointer is hovering over the Required Agreements selection. 

You can also access the Required Agreements screen via the User Options shortcut in the top-right of the Self-Service window. Hover your pointer over your username to display a dropdown menu with several useful shortcuts. You’ll find a link to the Required Agreements page here.

Self-Service landing page. The user's username is highlighted, which activates a dropdown menu with several options, including the Required Agreements selection. 

Once you’re on the Required Agreements page, you’ll find a list of any required agreements you need to complete, as well as ones you’ve already completed. Completed agreements will be indicated with a green box that says “Complete.” Incomplete agreements will be indicated with a blue box that says, “Incomplete.”

Self-Service Required Agreements page. The mouse pointer is hovering over a Financial Responsibilities Agreement link with a blue box labeled Incomplete beside it. 

To review and accept your Financial Responsibility Agreement so you can register for courses, just look for the topmost incomplete Financial Responsibility Agreement(s), and select the link beside it that says, “View.” You may need to complete more than one agreement (for example, if you’re registering for Summer Session and Fall Semester courses in the spring, you’ll need to complete agreements for two years).

Once you select “View,” the Financial Responsibility Agreement will appear as a popup overlay. Review the text (and print it for your records if you’d like). When you’re ready to accept, press the button at the bottom-right of the overlay that says, “Accept.”

A Financial Responsibilities Agreement form, overlayed upon the Required Agreements page. The mouse pointer is hovering over the blue Accept button. 

After you’ve accepted the agreement, a green pop-up confirmation with a checkmark should appear beneath your username on the top-right of the screen. You’ll have another chance to print your schedule here as well. Just press the “Yes” button to display a printer-friendly version of the agreement.

Self-Service Required Agreements page. The formerly-incomplete Agreement now has a green box labeled Complete beside it. A pop-up that asks the user if they would like to print a copy of their agreement is in the top-right corner of the page.

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