Assessing Students with the ACATE Rubrics (Blackboard Original)

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About the ACATE Rubrics

Note: These instructions will walk you through assessing your students using the ACATE rubrics in a Blackboard Original course. If you are in a Blackboard Ultra course, instructions may be found here: Assessing Students with the ACATE Rubrics (Blackboard Ultra).

Beginning in Fall 2023 the University will begin using rubrics built into the myLesley/Blackboard courses to collect assessment data for the Expressive Therapies program and for accreditation purposes. 


The core courses that require key assignment assessments will have a rubric added into their Blackboard courses.  This rubric is not visible to the students and does not contribute to their course grade.  

If your course was not copied from the development shell or a previous course containing the rubric, you may need to add the rubrics to your course. If the rubrics are not already in your course, use the Adding the ACATE Rubrics to your myLesley Course instructions to add the rubrics and Grade Center columns.


Video Walkthrough

The following video tutorial will walk you through the process of assessing your students using the ACATE Rubric in an Original Blackboard course. Please note that this video is not narrated.

Assess Students Using the ACATE Rubric

To assess your students with the ACATE Rubrics, you will need to access the assessment column(s) in the Grade Center.


Go to the course Control Panel, click on Grade Center, and select Full Grade Center. This will open your Full Grade Center.




The Key Assignment Rubric grade columns will be at the far-right end of the Grade Center.

Note: You may organize your grade columns as appropriate at any time.


Select a student to assess and click on the gray arrow in the grade cell to open the options menu. Then click View Grade Details



Click View Rubric to open the rubric in a new window. 


Select the appropriate level for the student. Click Save



The rubric window will close. Click Save again at the bottom of the Grade Details page to save your changes.


If there are more students to assess, you may navigate to the next student by clicking on the arrows near the top of the page.

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