Lesley University AI Guidelines

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 03:51 PM

As members of the Lesley University community embrace generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools to enhance productivity, administrative endeavors, and academic excellence, it is paramount to uphold data security, academic integrity, and legal compliance. All users of the university's digital environment must ensure that the use of generative AI platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google’s Gemini, or AI bots such as Parrot AI or Otter.ai adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Data Confidentiality and Security: Utilization of generative AI tools with access to confidential data, such as personally identifiable employee records and FERPA-covered student information, is strictly prohibited without prior security and privacy review from the Office of Information Technology. 
  • Confirm Accuracy: Despite its utility, AI can be fallible. Users must verify AI-generated content's accuracy by cross-referencing with trusted sources and assessing its context. Understanding AI's limitations is crucial for informed decision-making and maintaining integrity in work. 
  • Ownership of Content: Be sure to authenticate ownership of AI-generated content to prevent misinformation and copyright infringement, exercising diligence in assessing citations and verifying the existence of referenced material. All faculty, staff, and students must ensure that AI-generated content adheres to the “Use of Copyrighted Works Policy.”  
  • Academic Integrity: Generative AI tools must be used in accordance with Lesley University’s Academic Integrity Policy, ensuring that content creation aligns with scholarly standards and ethical principles. 
  • Procurement and Acquisition Procedures: Before acquiring or implementing generative AI systems, users must undergo a comprehensive security review coordinated through the Office of Information Technology, adhering to university procurement protocols and obtaining necessary approvals. Please email it@lesley.edu for a review. 
  • Recording and Compliance: Users must obtain consent from all parties before utilizing AI tools that record audio or transcribe meetings, ensuring compliance with relevant privacy laws and university policies. Meeting hosts reserve the right to secure their meetings to prevent the participation of AI bots. 

  • Technical Support: Please note that Lesley University does not provide technical support for utilizing generative AI tools. While many basic AI services are freely available, users are expected to possess a certain level of technological proficiency and are encouraged to utilize self-help documentation and community-based resources for troubleshooting and assistance. 

By adhering to these guidelines, Lesley University ensures responsible and ethical utilization of generative AI technologies within its digital environment, fostering a culture of integrity, innovation, and compliance. Violations of university policies through AI may result in sanctions, including revocation of digital privileges and dismissal from the university. 

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