Creating Job Requisitions for Summer Student Employment Requests

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This job aid provides approved requisition submitters step-by-step instructions on how to use Workday for creating summer student employment job requisitions and submitting them for approval.


Creating a Student Employment Job Requisition and Submitting For Approval

From the Workday Home page, in the search bar type “Start Job Requisition” a click the task in the dropdown. 

Start Job Requisition

When starting a Job Requisition Request Form, you will need to fill out necessary information for the request to be submitted.


Any field with a red asterisk is required. 


Basic Information

  • Supervisory Organization: 
    • The hiring manager for the position. Note, if you cannot add the hiring manager, please reach out to HR at
  • This job will:
    • Add a Worker: You are adding a new worker reporting to the hiring manager. 
  • Is there an existing position for this job?
    • No, create a new position for this job
  • How many openings are there for this job?
    • Please write your desired number of openings. Note that the number is subject to change.

Job Information

  • Job Profile: The job profile the new hire will be filling.
    • Select Summer Student Worker

  • Job Title
    • Create a title for your student employee.
  • Job Description
    • When selecting the Job Profile, information will auto populate in the Job Description section. Read through the section and add in the necessary information.

Worker Information

  • What location is this job based in? 
    • Select No Office Location 
  • Are you hiring a new employee or contingent worker? 
    • Select Employee
  • What type of worker are you hiring?
    • Select Student Employee (Fixed Term)
  • What is the time type for this job? Is the worker Full Time or Part Time?
    • Select Part Time
  • What are the scheduled weekly hours for this job? How many weekly schedule hours for the position. 
    • Student employees are only able to work up to 17 hours per week.

Cost Information

  • Select a company
    • Choose Lesley University. 
  • Select a cost center
    • The cost center for the position. 

Recruiting Information

  • When would you like this worker to start? Choose either As soon as possible, or select a future hire date
  • When do you want this contract to end?
    • The latest day students can work in the summer is Friday, August 30th
  • What recruiting instruction do you have for this job?
    • Skip this question
  • Select a primary location to post this job.
    • No Office Location
  • Why are you creating this job? 
    • Choose the reason in the dropdown menu for creating this requisition. Choose whether the or not the position is budgeted, not budgeted, or if you are replacing a worker who is leaving.
  • Enter your comments. 
    • This is an optional field. Enter additional comments you may have here.

Click Submit once all the necessary information is filled. 


Complete the Questionnaire in your inbox which provides more information about filling the role.

  • Is this job requisition for a currently working student that you wish to continue working over the summer?
    1. Select Yes or No
    2. If Yes, you will be asked to list the student employee(s) that you’d like to rehire.
  • Please indicate if there is an adequate budget to support the summer student hire.

Next Steps

  • Requisition submissions are reviewed by the appropriate cabinet member.
  • If your requisition is approved, a member of the HR team will reach out to you to discuss next steps.
  • It is also possible that your requisition may be sent back to add additional information or clarification.


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