Topics in this article include;

What is a Wiki

Creating a Wiki

Linking to your Wiki

Creating Wiki Pages

Editing and Managing Wikis

Grading Wikis

What is a Wiki

A wiki is a collaborative authoring tool that allows you to contribute and modify one or more pages of course related materials. A wiki provides an area where users can collaborate on content. Users within a course can create and edit wiki pages that pertain to the course or a course group. For more information, see Wikis.

Unfamiliar with wikis? View this fun and quick video to learn more about wikis. 

Creating a Wiki

Wikis allow course members to collaborate by contributing to and modifying one or more pages of course materials. Instructors can grade contributions and all course members can create wiki pages and add comments. 

To create a wiki for your course, select Tools from the Course Menu.

This will bring you into the Tools Area of your course. Select Wikis.

This will bring you into the Wikis area. Click Create Wiki to create a new wiki.

Enter a name for your wiki and enter a description or instructions using the Text/Content Editor.

Select Yes to make your wiki available. If you would like your wiki viewable after a certain date or within a date range, set the Date and Time Restrictions.

Select your wiki participation and whether you want to allow students to edit and comment.

Once you have finished, click Submit.

See Wikis for more information or view the video tutorial below. 


Linking to Your Wiki

Once you have created a wiki you will need to create a link for students to access the wiki. You may create a link directly from the Course Menu or from within a Content Area.

Course Menu

To create a link to the blog directly from the Course Menu, click the Add Menu Item (+) button at the top of the course menu. 

Select Tool Link.

Enter a name for your link. In the Type area, select Wikis. Check the box to make the item available and click Submit.

Your link will be added to the Course Menu. Click the link to navigate to the Wikis area of your course. All of your Wikis should be visible. You may also create a new wiki from this page by clicking the Create Wiki button.

Content Area

To link to the blog from within a Content Area, navigate to the content area. Click the Tools button at the top of the page and select Wikis.

Select whether you wish to link to the Wikis Page or link to a specific wiki. Or, to create a new wiki, click Create New Wiki.

Click Submit.

Creating Wiki Pages

When you access a new wiki for the first time, a message appears at the top of the page prompting you to create a home page. The home page always appears first in the wiki page list, making it an ideal page for instructions. See Using myLesley Wikis for more information or view the video tutorial below. 

Editing and Managing Wikis

As an instructor you can edit the wiki properties, delete the wiki and view a wiki page's history to assess contributions. See Edit and Manage Wikis for more information.

Grading Wikis

If you enable grading on a wiki, a grade column is created automatically in the Grade Center. View all the pages a student authored and edited as you determine the grade on the Participant’s Contribution page. The grade applies to the whole wiki, not an individual wiki page. See Grading Wiki Pages for more information.