There are a number of public digital displays throughout each of the campuses that often display digital content and event related information. Each display is maintained by a coordinator whose office is typically in close proximity to the display. If you wish to have content published to a display, you must direct this request to the appropriate coordinator.  IT does not publish content to displays.  Below is a list of each Digital Display Coordinator (and their backup Coordinator in the event of their absence) and the display(s) that they manage.

Please refer to the University Directory for contact information.

Student Center - 36 Mellen St, 1st Floor

Student Center - 36 Mellen St, 2nd Floor

Fitness Center - Cardio Room - 30 Mellen St

Fitness Center - Free Weight Room - 30 Mellen St

Coordinator: Ashlee Talbot

Backup Coordinator: Linda Elliott

Backup Coordinator: Felecia Bumpus

Sherrill Library 89 Brattle St, 1st Floor

Sherrill Library 89 Brattle St, 2nd Floor

Coordinator: Tyahra Angus

University Hall Atrium - Near 2-078 - 1815 Mass Ave, 2nd Floor

University Hall Atrium - Near Amphitheater - 1815 Mass Ave, 2nd Floor

University Hall - Visitor Center - 1815 Mass Ave, 2nd Floor

Coordinators: Cruz Brito & Sara Schmidt

Backup Coordinator: Bryce Henderson

Visitor's Center - 1627 Massachusetts Avenue

Coordinator: Cruz Brito & Sara Schmidt

Backup Coordinator: Bryce Henderson

Threshold - 82R Oxford St

Coordinator: Cara Gorham

Backup Coordinator: Sarah Connelly

Advancement - 101 Brattle

Coordinators: Kyle Machado & Georgia Sparling

Globalization Office - 7 Mellen

Coordinator: TBD

Lunder Art Center - 1st Floor Atrium - 1801 Mass Ave

Lunder Art Center - Lower Level Atrium - 1801 Mass Ave

University Hall - Lower Level Animation Space - 1815 Mass Ave

Coordinator: Abigail Michaud

Backup Coordinator: Marlo Brooks

Moriarty Library - 1801 Mass Ave

Coordinator: Zachary Wray

Backup Coordinator: Micki Harrington

Student Administrative Services - 1815 Mass Ave, 2nd Floor Near SAS Suite
Student Administrative Services 1815 Mass Ave, 2nd Floor Near North Elevator
Coordinator: Ramy Abdelghani
Backup Coordinator: Kathleen Farrell

Porter Cafe, Washburn Cafe, White Hall Cafe, Ava's Kitchen (Student Center Cafe), Sherrill Hall Cafe
Coordinator: Ed Fogarty

Diversity Office - 13 Mellen

Coordinator: TBD