If you have questions about how to use Qualtrics, or best practices, our Qualtrics' license comes with unlimited phone and email support.  You can reach the Qualtrics support at http://www.qualtrics.com/contract. If you're asked to log into the Qualtrics' support site, select Sign in with SSO. Our organization ID is lesley.

You can also get support from your School / Unit Coordinator. These coordinators are available to help with questions that you might have. Please find the applicable coordinator in the list below.

Sandy Markussen is the overall administrators of the system, but you should start with your coordinator.  


School / Unit Qualtrics coordinator list:



College of Art & Design: Atoosa Malekani  - atoosa.malekani@lesley.edu

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:  Rebecca Rea - rrea@lesley.edu

Threshold Program: Cara Gorham Streit - cgorham2@lesley.edu

Graduate School of Arts & Social Sciences: Isabelle Olsson - iolsson@lesley.edu 

Graduate School of Education: Se-ah Siegel - ssiegel2@lesley.edu


ADMINISTRATIVE UNITS (for staff outside of the specific schools above):

Alumni/Development: Dee Lane - dee.lane@lesley.edu

Central Administration (except HR): Matt Brownell - mbrownel@lesley.edu

eLIS: Danielle Powell - danielle.powell@lesley.edu

Enrollment Management (Admissions, Operations, Marketing): Sandra Markussen - sandy.markussen@lesley.edu

HR: Susan Titus-Garnier - stitusga@lesley.edu 

Information Technology/Finance: Charles Cooper - charles.cooper@lesley.edu

Library:  Sam Snair - ssnair@lesley.edu

Office of Assessment and Institutional Research / Provost / President: Linda Pursley - linda.pursley@lesley.edu

SLAD: Alison Angell - aangell@lesley.edu 

Student Administrative Services (Financial Aid, Registrar): Linda Pursley - linda.pursley@lesley.edu.