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In order to make it easier to recognize people by username, as well as to conform to industry best standards, your Lesley username will reflect your legal name, using the following format -  If you are a student, your Lesley username will be The number shows that you are a student. People with older accounts follow a different format, but the usernames are just as valid!

We use the legal name to create the username. In rare cases, you can request that the username be changed to reflect another version of the legal name, but any request must be vetted and approved by the Associate Vice President, Information Technology and Resources. You can make a request by emailing

The new username conversion will require you to make a few set-up changes on your computers and devices. The following list contains steps and best practices that will enable your new username conversion. Please make sure that you are well aware of any steps you should take before the username change, and that you will temporarily lose access to some accounts when the change is made.

Before your username is changed

Adobe accounts for faculty and staff

For faculty and staff who have work saved in Adobe's Creative Cloud, you will have to save your work on a hard drive or OneDrive, etc.  Adobe will not allow anyone to access/transfer work from one account to another account.  Students don't have to worry about this, because they use a personal email to access the Creative Cloud.


You will just log into email with the new username about 45 minutes after the username is changed.

Library EBook Collections

If you use the Library EBL Collections and would like to save your bookshelf, please follow these instructions before your account is converted. If you don't follow these instructions, any items and notes you've placed in your Library EBL bookshelf will be lost.

If you use the Library's ebrary bookshelf and would like to recover your ebooks and notes, please contact Ask-A-Librarian at


You won't be able to access myLesley until the next day after your username is changed, since the systems sync overnight.  You will then be able to log in with the new firstname.lastname username.


You will just log into Self-Service with the new username about 45 minutes after the username is changed.

After your username is changed

Notify others about your new username

  • When you are notified that your username has been changed, please notify people who frequently email you. This is important to avoid people using the wrong email address in forms, etc. 
  • Update your email signature with the updated information. 
  • If you are faculty, update your information in myLesley, such as in the syllabus or any other documents where you entered contact information.

Windows users with Lesley-issued laptops

When you are notified that your username has been changed, you must reboot your computer so that you can log in with the correct information.  Once you have logged in with the new firstname.lastname username format, all your information will be transferred to that new profile.

Here are directions on how to switch users and log in with your new username - 

Desktop Outlook application

You should be prompted to sign into your email when you open your Outlook application.   

Note:  When you are prompted on the Mac to log into your Outlook application, make sure that you delete everything in the box called User name, including the LESLEY\, then enter the new email address, your password and press the OK button.

Screenshot of Account Information screen on Mac Screenshot of Mac Account Information window without the LESLEY\ in the User name field

Android phone users

Android phones using Exchange ActiveSync don't allow you to edit the username. To add your Lesley email to your phone under the new username, you will have to delete your current Lesley email account on your phone. When the account is deleted you can then add the ActiveSync account back with the new long username.  The device will usually auto-detect the settings.

Note:  Older Android devices might have to have the server information entered manually.   If you’re connecting to your Office 365 email, use for your server name.  If this doesn't work, you can use the server address.

Dynamic Forms - Faculty and Staff

Please note that if your email address is listed as an approver on forms, the forms will have to be updated with the new email address. If someone in your department can change the forms, then have them update the forms with the new email address. If the form was not created in your department, please send an email to with the name of the form(s) so that we can update them.

Email lists

If you are subscribed to any email lists, you might have problems sending messages if it's a subscribers-only list. While you will still be able to receive messages, the email list will not recognize your new email if you try to reply. To correct this issue, you can unsubscribe to the list, and then re-subscribe with the new email address.

iOS (iPad and iPhone) users

To add your Lesley email to your iOS device with the new username, you must go into the mail settings, then to the account settings.  You must update the email address and the username field with the new long name email address.   Ipad users must restart the iPad after updating the username to make sure that the username is changed correctly.



If you have already created a Qualtrics’ account with your old username, you will have to re-link the account to your new username. Follow these instructions to re-link your account to your new username - 


Once your username has been changed, please send an email to the eLearning & Instructional Support department at to move your work to your new username.  They will be able to reach out to VoiceThread to have your work moved to the new account.

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