If you would like to play a YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentation without having to leave your presentation to view the video in your browser, please use the following directions to embed the video into a slide.

  1. On a new slide, click the video icon.

  2. In the YouTube section, search for your video or paste the URL for the video you want to embed and then press enter.

  3. Your video should show up in the results. Click on it and then press Insert.

  4. The video will now be embedded into the presentation and you will not need to exit PowerPoint in order to play it.

Tip: When you are presenting your presentation on a projector, in order to play the video you’ll have to drag your mouse off the right side of your computer screen and then it will show up on the projector screen where you can press the play button on the slide. (While you are in presentation mode in PowerPoint the projector screen acts like an extended desktop so it can show the slides on one screen and show you notes and other information on the other.)