Brainfuse's Help Now Online Tutoring platform supports online students, off-campus cohorts and all other Lesley students whose busy lives prohibit them from accessing tutoring from on-campus services. Brainfuse's Help Now tutoring program includes individualized tutoring and study tools to help Lesley students be successful in their classes. Topics include Business, Math, English, Science and Social Science. 

Students can access Brainfuse's Help Now at any time from the myLesley home page. Click Launch BrainfuseSSO in the Lesley University Online Tutoring module. 

Faculty can easily add a link to Brainfuse's Help Now service in their myLesley course. 

To add the link to the Brainfuse tool in your course menu:

Click the plus sign in the top left corner of the course menu.

Select Tool Link from the menu

Enter a Name for the tool, such as Online Tutoring. This is how it will appear in the course menu. 

Select BrainfuseSSO from the Type menu.

Click Available to Users to make it visible to students. 

Click Submit.

The new tool link will appear at the bottom of the course menu. To move the link to a new location in the menu, hover over the tool link and then click on the up and down arrow on the left and drag the item to its new location.