What is myLesley?

myLesley (Blackboard) is the university's learning management system and functions as your online classroom. You may use myLesley to attend or teach fully online courses or supplement face-to-face courses, access community resources, and more.

Before getting started, please view the myLesley System Requirements to ensure that your machine is compatible.

Accessing myLesley

To access myLesley, go to

To login, click the myLesley Login button. 

select myLesley login to log in

You will be redirected to a Sign In page (image below) where you will enter your Lesley credentials in the form of You will then be prompted to enter your password to authenticate.

enter your lesley credentials


Please note that Safari DOES NOT work with the SSO application on the Mac. Please use Chrome or Firefox and follow these steps to clear your cache if you have any difficulty with SSO in Chrome or Firefox.

For more information on Single Sign-On at Lesley, see Single Sign-On (SSO) at Lesley University.

Navigating myLesley

After logging in at, you will find yourself on the myLesley home page. You can navigate to other sections of myLesley by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

myLesley Home

The myLesley Home tab is the main landing page for myLesley. From here you can view your course and organization announcements. access services, and more. 

screenshot of myLesley home page for faculty/staff

My Courses

The my courses tab will list all of your courses. Select a course to access course materials, participate in online discussions, submit assignments, etc.

screenshot of myLesley courses tab

Courses vary in design depending on the instructor, but some common elements exist. See Navigate Inside Your Course for an overview on these basic myLesley course components. 

Having trouble seeing your course(s)? See Getting Access to myLesley courses for more information.

My Community

The my community tab will list any communities that you are a member of. Select a community to access the community resources.

screenshot of myLesley community tab

My Library

The my library tab brings you to the Lesley Library site, where you can access the Library's online databases and other resources, including Library support. Here you can find books, articles and videos, get help citing sources, and much more. 
screenshot of myLesley library tab

Training and Support

myLesley training and support is available to all members of the Lesley community.

Online Resources

Do you have questions or need assistance with myLesley? Check out the myLesley Resources. These resources will guide you through using myLesley for teaching and learning.

Student Orientation Community

Students have access to the myLesley Student Orientation community within myLesley. The goal of this self-paced course is to provide students with the skills that will help prepare them to be a successful Lesley student, including an overview of myLesley and strategies for becoming a successful online learner.


Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) is a free service available to all Lesley students, faculty and staff, providing a robust library of eLearning content designed to meet the needs of college campuses, including supporting student success, driving retention, and building faculty preparedness. Hoonuit features resources on distance and blended learning, student success, instructional strategies, accessible instruction, software and technology tutorials, and much more. For more information, please view the Hoonuit Quick Start Guide.

Create a Ticket

Do you have a question or need specific training? You may put in a support ticket on the IT and eLIS Support site or by emailing When reaching out for support, please provide your Lesley username, your course, and describe the problem to the best of your ability. If possible, include a screenshot. This information will help the support staff resolve your issue as quickly as possible.