Lesley University uses single sign-on (SSO) via Microsoft and your Lesley Credentials in the form of username@lesley.edu, even if you do not have a Lesley email address.

Single sign-on means you don't have to sign in to every Lesley application that you use.  Once you log in with your Lesley Credentials on one application, that credential is used for other applications too.  No more logging in to each system separately.  

For Lesley applications that use SSO, you will be redirected to a Sign in page that looks like the image below.  Enter your Lesley Credentials in the form of username@lesley.edu regardless of whether or not you have a Lesley email address.  As of December 2020, most Lesley services utilize SSO. 


  • Mac Users: 
    Safari DOES NOT work with the SSO application on the Mac.  Please use Chrome or Firefox and follow these steps to clear your cache if you have any difficulty with SSO in Chrome or Firefox.
  • Logging Out:
    If you have multiple applications open where you've logged in via SSO and you log out of one application, it will log you out of all applications.
  • Non-SSO Services:
    For services that do not use SSO you will not be prompted with a Sign in page like the image below.  For non-SSO services, you will use either a) the username portion of username@lesley.edu with your Lesley password, or b) a username/password you created specifically for that service.

Screenshot of Microsoft login and Lesley campus