Sharing VoiceThreads

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By default, all VoiceThreads are private. You will need to share your VoiceThread with others to allow them to view or comment. You may share your VoiceThreads publicly with a link or embed code or privately with an individual or group,. To find VoiceThreads that have been shared with you, see Finding VoiceThreads Shared With You.

Accessing the Sharing Area

To share your VoiceThread, go to the Sharing Area. The Sharing Area may be accessed from several places within VoiceThread.

From the VT Home page

Hover your mouse over the VoiceThread you wish to share. An pop-up will appear with information about the VoiceThread. Click on the Share button.

From the Create or Edit page

Navigate to the Create page for any VoiceThread that you created or can edit. Click on the Share button near the top of the page.

From an open VoiceThread

From within a VoiceThread, click on the menu in the top left-hand corner. Select Share.

Sharing via the Share Link

The Share Link is a direct link to your VoiceThread, allowing those you have shared with to directly access your VoiceThread. You may send this link via email or post it in your course, a blog, or a website. To obtain a share link, go to the Sharing Area and click on the Basic tab. Click the Copy Link button to copy the link to your clipboard.

Once you have copied the link you may then paste the link in an email, in a course, on a blog, etc. 

See Getting a Share Link for more information.

Embedding a VoiceThread

Please note that students are currently unable to embed content in myLesley. This is a known issue with Blackboard. In the meantime, students will need to share a link to their VoiceThreads.

Embedding a VoiceThread into a website, blog, or within your course will allow others to interact with your VoiceThread directly on the page. You may embed VoiceThread content anywhere that you are able to use HTML code. 

To obtain an embed code, go to the Sharing Area and click on the Basic tab. Then click on the Embed button. 

Click the Copy Embed Code button to copy the code to your clipboard. You may then paste the code into an HTML editor on your blog, website, or myLesley course. Please note that only people you have shared the VoiceThread with will be able to view it, unless you make your VoiceThread public.

See Embedding for more information.

To then embed your VoiceThread into myLesley, navigate to your myLesley course and locate the area in which you wish to embed. Locate the HTML <> button in the content/text editor.

screenshot of text editor with HTML button highlighted


This will open the Source Code View. Paste your code into the code view window and click Save.

paste your html code, such as an iframe

This will bring you back to the content editor. Your embedded content will be visible. Click Submit to save your changes.


Due to security restrictions in Chrome, microphone and webcam permissions may not function correctly with embedded media. Instead, you will be prompted to open the item in a new tab in order to record audio/video (ex VoiceThread comments).

Sharing with an Individual

From the Sharing Area, go to the Secure tab and click on the Contacts tab. Select individuals you would like to share your VoiceThread with or click the Add Contacts button () to add a new contact. Next, select the editing rights (view only, comment, or edit). Click the Share button to notify them.

See Sharing With an Individual for more information. See Adding Contacts for more information on adding contacts.

Sharing with a Group

Sharing with a VoiceThread group is the quickest way to securely share your VoiceThreads with your classmates, students, or colleagues. For more information on creating and using groups, see VoiceThread Groups. Please note that students do not have the ability to create VoiceThread groups, but can share with groups their instructor has created.

From the VT Home Page, click and drag a VoiceThread towards the left side of the page. This will open your Groups menu if it is not already open. Drop your VoiceThread into the appropriate group.

You will then see a pop-up confirming the group and the level of access. Please note that each member of the group will have the same level of access (view, view &amp; comment, edit).

Click Share to share with your group.

See Sharing With a Group for more information.

Who Can See My VoiceThreads?

From the Sharing Area, go to the Who Has Access tab. Here you will see the publishing options as well as a list of individuals and/or groups who may access your VoiceThread.


After you have shared a VoiceThread you may change or revoke sharing access at any time. From the Sharing Area, go to the Who Has Access tab. Here you will see the publishing options as well as a list of individuals and/or groups who may access your VoiceThread. Click the X next to any person or group from which you would like to revoke access.

Click Save Changes to save any changes.

See Unsharing for more information.

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