This document shows how to send an encrypted email with your Lesley email account.  Recipients can be inside or outside Lesley University. 

Sending encrypted email

1. Log into web mail at

2. Click the Mail app to access your email. 

3. Click New to start a new email. 

4. On the new email, click Protect to add encryption. This will also prevent the recipient from forwarding or printing the email.  The recipient will still be able to download, edit, and print attachments. 

5. Fill in the To, Subject, and message body fields as normal and click Send

Receiving Encrypted Email 

Here’s what the recipient will receive depending on which type of email client they use. 

  • On-campus Lesley people using Outlook on MAC or PC will see a red stop sign symbol in front of the email to indicate it is encrypted. When they click on the email link, they will see a message that they must authenticate their credentials. They will enter their email address and password.


  • People accessing their Lesley email using a web browser, on or off campus, will see a lock symbol next to the email. 

  • Non-Lesley email addresses will receive a message prompting them to click a Read the message button within the email.  This will bring them to a web page where they will log in with a one-time passcode which will also be sent to their email address. 

After entering the passcode and clicking Continue, they’ll be presented with the contents of the email.  They can also download any attachments that were on the email. 

If they click the Reply button, their reply message back to the original Lesley sender will be encrypted.