If you have permission to access a departmental share drive, here is how you map the drive so that you can access the shared files. If you don't have permission, have your department head email it@lesley.edu requesting that you be given access to [the name of the drive].

Mapping a share drive

Note: Before you start this process, you should re-boot your machine if you haven't done so since your departmental share drive address was changed.

1. Press the Windows logo key  + E together.

2. Select This PC from the left-hand pane of the window that opens.

3. Click on the Map network drive icon at the top of the next Window. 

Note: If the window that opens looks like this instead, click on the Computer tab to show the Map network drive icon.

4. In the Map Network Drive window:

A. Choose a drive letter (any available letter). 

B. Enter the share drive address, substituting the name of the share drive in place of the word "sharename" in the Folder field. 

C. Select Reconnect at sign-in.

D. Click the Finish button.