The Lesley University Kaltura My Media storage policy has recently been updated. Due to this change, Kaltura media content that has not been played within 5 years will be deleted from Kaltura. 

Users with content up for deletion will receive an email entitled Kaltura My Media Video Deletion. Emails will be sent 30 days and 5 days prior to content deletion. The email will list all the titles of all videos. 

Users can play the Kaltura media content to cancel the deletion process or they can download the content to save it elsewhere. Below are steps that will allow users to search for the specific videos by title to play them and remove them from the deletion queue. 

To keep the video in Kaltura: 

You will need to play your video to ensure it is retained in Kaltura. 

Access My Media from the myLesley home tab in myLesley. 

Locate your video in the list. You may enter the title of the video in Search My Media if you have a lot of videos. 

Once you have located your video, click on the title or thumbnail to access the video. Then click the Play icon to play the video. 

To download the video from Kaltura:

If you no longer need a copy of your video to share in myLesley you may choose to download it and move it to another storage system such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or a USB hard drive. 

To download a copy of your video, go to your My Media and then click on the edit (pencil) icon to the right of your video. 

edit kaltura video

This will bring you into the editing area. Click the Download Media button on the top right corner of your video.