Zoom Event Troubleshooting Tips

Modified on Mon, 22 Feb 2021 at 10:11 AM

Here are some helpful common troubleshooting suggestions to try during Zoom meetings.

Common issues you may experience during a zoom meeting:

Unable to join the Zoom meeting

  • The meeting may require a password. Participants can find the password in the invitation link sent by the host.      
  • The host has enabled a waiting room. Participants will remain on hold until the host admits them into the meeting room.
  • The meeting may require users to sign into their Lesley Zoom account to join. This happens only if the meeting requires participants to authenticate before joining the meeting. Have the participant sign into their Lesley zoom account using the  SSO steps. Only Lesley users would be able to join when this setting is enabled.   

No audio during the meeting 

  • The user may be muted. When users are muted, they would see a red line across their mic icon located at the bottom of their Zoom window. They can click on the mic to unmute.
  • The Host may have muted participants upon entry. The Host can ask participants to unmute themselves. 
  • The wrong speaker may be selected in Zoom. On the mic located at the bottom window in Zoom, click on the little arrow, which opens up a settings menu. Then select the proper speaker. 

Cameras not working

  • Users may not be able to see themselves because their camera isn't on. When the camera is off, they would see a red line across the camera icon. They can click "start video." 
  • If the user is connected to multiple webcams, that may cause some issues. On the camera icon located at the bottom window in Zoom, click on the little arrow and select camera settings. The user can select the proper camera from there. 
  • Make sure the user has closed other programs that use the webcam. Zoom cannot use the webcam if it's being used for another application. 
  • If the video isn't working outside of zoom, the user may need to troubleshoot the device itself. 

Audio feedback ( Echo In A meeting) 

  • Isolate the attendee. The Host or Co-host can mute the participant.
  • The Host or Co-host can "mute all" Participants under the participants windows. A shortcut to mute all users is  (ALT+M) for PC users and (Command Control + M) for Mac users.  
  • There may be audio interference from another device stationed closely. Make sure the user is not logged into multiple devices during the meeting. If they are, have the attendee log out of one device or move them far apart from each other.
  • It can simply be the attendee has a bad microphone. The attendee can try using a different device to chime in for the time of the meeting. 

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