How to Complete a Field Training Contract in Tevera

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How to Complete a Field Training Contract in Tevera


The Field Training Contract must be initiated by the student in Tevera. The student will complete ALL fields of the contract, sign it and then send it to their Site Supervisor for signature.

  1. Log in to Tevera here: Log In to Tevera

  2. Go to the Classroom | Training menu.

  3. Select the “My sites” button in the Site Placements section. page1image4036572752

  4. Select the + button in the “Add placement” box.

page1image4036572464 page1image4036573360

5. Type in the name of your site in the “name” search field.


6. Select the blue “Start” button to the right of your site name. If your site is not listed, please select the “Select a Site” button instead and refer to the Adding a New Site instructions.


7. Select the “Yes, I’m ready” button.


8. Select the + button to open the Field Training Contract.


9. Select the “Start” button.


10. Complete all fields that are in red, with a paper/pen red icon. Blue icon fields are not required but should be completed if they are applicable.


Here is a breakdown of some of the fields on the Contract:

Academic Year:

Select the year(s) you will be in your internship. If you are starting in September of this year, and ending in May of next year, you would write “2021-2022.”


Select your degree specialization. (A new field will open upon selection.)

Placement Year:

Select if this is your 1st or 2nd internship placement.

Program Format:

On Campus – Select this unless you are at the Cape Cod campus. Cohort/Location – Select this only if you are the Cape Cod campus.

Site Name:




The student is responsible to complete the learning objectives and hourly breakdowns on the contract. The student must have a conversation with their Site/Site Supervisor in advance of completing the contract to identify the expectations of the objectives and hours. If the objectives or hours should change after the student enters the information, the Site/Site Supervisor will be able to amend it.

page6image4036912416 page6image4036913024

Contract Dates:

The dates on contract should be discussed in advance with the Site/Supervisor. Contracts typically commence on the start of the semester date and terminate on the last day of the semester.

SOME contracts will start a short time before the semester begins or end a short time after the semester ends.

A contract may not begin prior to the third week of August and may not extend beyond June 30th.



Once all fields are completed, you are ready to sign the contract! 11. Click the yellow “Sign here” tab.

12. Use your mouse or touchpad to sign the document.

page7image4058027312 page7image4058027600 page7image4058028272

13. Select the “Sign” button.


14. Your signature will be date and time stamped. If you find that you must make a change to your contract, use the red trash can icon to delete your signature and make changes. You will then need to resign the document using the same steps outlined above.


15. Select the “Submit” button.


16. Select the correct individuals for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Signers.

1st – Your Site Supervisor. If your Site Supervisor is not in the drop-down menu, type in their email address and refer to the How to Add a Site Supervisor Instructions.

2nd – If you are in a DESE Placement (not DESE Program, but DESE Placement, and have already completed your LMHC Placement) select “Email link to form” and then type in the email address of the School Principal.

If you are not in a DESE Placement, select “Skip this signature” from the drop-down menu. 3rd – Select Mary Plouff.
th – Select Meg Connor
Once all signatures have been entered, select the “Submit” button.


17. The status of your Field Training Contract has now changed to “Waiting On.”
It has been sent to your Site Supervisor for them to sign next. Once they sign the signature progression will continue until the 4th person has signed. The status will then change to Complete.


18. You’re done with your portion of the Field Training Contract! Now go to the next step and complete the Time Preference Form. (Please see separate Instructions.) The Time Preference Form is REQUIRED.

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