Pulse VPN Host Checker

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Host checker provides additional security by ensuring that certain security requirements are met prior to establishing a VPN connection.  Currently in order to successfully access remote resources via Pulse VPN, you must pass the following compliance scans:

1. You must have a firewall enabled on your device.

2. You must have anti-virus software running on your device.

3. You must be using Windows 10 or OSX 10.14 or later.

4. Any system updates which are deemed critical must be installed.

Host Checker runs upon trying to connect with the pulse secure application.  If the host checker scan succeeds, you do not have to take any action, you will simply be connected via VPN.  If the host checker scan fails, you will receive messages informing you as to why it failed and you must remediate the issue before being able to connect.  Please see the relevant sections below for examples.

Host checker on Pulse Secure Application

If when trying to connect, via the Pulse secure application, you receive a Failure notice, Open the application for further details.  If you have failed the host checker scan, it will show "Compliance issue".

Click on "Read Instructions" and you will be provided details as to why it failed.  The issue must be remediated in order to successfully use the Pulse VPN.  In the example below, it states that the device is missing critical patches and must be updated.

How to Resolve specific Compliance Issue's

1. Firewall - If the compliance policy states that your device does not have a firewall is not enabled, Please see instructions on how to enable the built-in Firewall on your device.  Note that in some cases, third party anti-virus software will take over the function of the built-in firewall, in which cause you should check the documentation for your anti-virus software.

a. Enabling the built-in Firewall in windows - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/turn-microsoft-defender-firewall-on-or-off-ec0844f7-aebd-0583-67fe-601ecf5d774f


 b. Enabling the firewall in OSX -https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201642

2.  Anti-Virus - If the Compliance poilcy states that anti-virus software is not installed, please find the options below.

a. If you are working on a Lesley owned device, you should already have Sophos Anti-Virus running on your device.  If you do not, please contact our help desk at it@lesley.edu for further assistance.


b. If you are using a personal device and already have anti-virus software installed, please contact our helpdesk at it@lesley.edu and we will be able to confirm whether your specific software is supported by host checker.

c. if you are using a personal device and do not have anti-virus software installed, you will need to install one before being able  to proceed. Below are links to some recommended free anti-virus options.

**Please do not attempt to install the below software on Lesley Owned devices, as they should already be running a managed version of Sophos, as mentioned above.

Sophos Home Free

AVG Free Edition

Bit Defender Free Editition


3. OS Version - The compliance policy states that you are running an unsupported operating system, please see info below.

 a. If you are running windows, you must be using Windows 10 or later in order to utilize our VPN.


 b. If you are running OSX, you must be using OSX 10.14 or later in order to utilize our VPN.  If you are running a version lower than 10.14, please see the following article which details how you may be able to upgrade to a newer version of OSX.

4. System Updates - If the compliance policy states that you are missing system updates/patches, please install the updates which are detailed in the compliance policy information.

a. To install updates within windows 10, please follow the following article.


b. To install updates in osx, please follow the following article.



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