Advise has three URLs for logging in, depending on your role and the function you are trying to perform.  Be sure to reference the Advise Supported Browsers and the important steps below for logging in.

Advisors (Professional or Faculty*)

Advisor access to advisees.

Faculty Teaching a Current Course* access to current courses and students in those courses for filing early alerts.

*Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 are a pilot/phased roll-out of Advise.  As a faculty advisor or a faculty member teaching a current course, you will be notified when you are able to access Advise.

When you first log into Advise, you will be prompted with an Ellucian Cloud US PROD ADFS page.  

  1. Select Other organization
  2. Enter your Lesley credential and click on Next
  3. Proceed with the standard Lesley SSO login process
    1. Enter or pick an account using your Lesley credential
    2. Enter your Lesley password