How do I use Student Planning to register for courses?

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Below are instructions to assist you with registering for courses from Student Planning. If you need help registering from the Course Catalogplease consult this article.

If you're new to Self-Service or just need a refresher with in-depth instructions, please consult our introductory videos on student planning as well as course search and registration.

(To view full-sized versions of these images, left-click on an image and it will display as a pop-up overlay.) 

Before Registration:

  • You can use Student Planning to prepare for registration. From the Self-Service menu, select Academics > Student Planning > My Progress. From the My Progress screen, you can review your academic progress and search for required courses.

The My Progress screen in Student Planning on Self-Service, accessible from the navigation menu under Academics - Student Planning - My Progress. 

  • Make a plan using course placeholders. Select Academics > Student Planning > Plan & Schedule to build your Course Plan for future semesters and terms (you can also add course placeholders via My Progress when searching for required courses).

Screenshot of the Plan and Schedule page in Student Planning, with arrows indicating how students may add a term to their timeline in order to make a course plan. 


  • Though you may add course placeholders to your Course Plan at any time, that's just the first step in preparing your registration. When you're ready, return to Plan & Schedule to add available sections of your planned courses to your Schedule.

A screenshot of the Schedule tab of the Plan & Schedule screen on Self-Service. Arrows indicate how students may add an available course section to their schedule from a planned placeholder on their course plan.

During Registration:

  • Remember: a Section (includes meeting information) or a Course Placeholder (lacks meeting information) on your Course Plan or Schedule doesn't guarantee you a spot in the class. 

Placeholder Example:

A cropped screenshot of the Plan and Schedule screen, focused on an example of a course placeholder.

Section Examples:

A cropped screenshot of the Plan and Schedule screen, focused on an example of available sections. 


  • When registration opens, select Academics > Register for Classes/View Schedule to register for the sections you've added to your schedule. If a section is available for you to register - and there are no restrictions or holds preventing your registration - you should find a blue button labeled Register for Section below the section's information (you can also register for all available sections that you've added to your schedule by selecting the blue Register for Section(s) Now button at the top right of your term schedule).

A cropped screenshot of the Plan and Schedule screen, focusing on an available course section, and the blue Register for Section button. 


  • You will receive a confirmation email if you successfully register in sections. If you don't receive a confirmation email, you aren't registered.

Unavailable Sections:

  • If a placeholder course doesn't have any available sections for the semester or term for which you'd like to register, the section isn't being offered at that time.

A cropped screenshot of the Plan and Schedule screen, focusing on a CWRIT-1101 placeholder planned for 22SU. No sections are available for that term. 


  • If the course is required for your program(s), use My Progress to find other courses meeting your requirements. Each course code (ex: CWRIT-1101) is a hyperlink that will take you to a Course Catalog page where you can add a specific section to your schedule (you can also check the Course Catalog to find available sections).

From "My Progress":

A cropped screenshot of the My Progress screen, focusing on the line item for the CRWIT-1101 requirement. The course code font style indicates that it is a hyperlink.

After Selecting the Course Code Link:

A cropped screenshot of the Course Catalog after a link for CWRIT-1101 was selected from My Progress. Information on CWRIT-1101 is displayed along with options to view sections and add a placeholder.


  • If you need to take a placeholder that has no available sections, you should move it to a future semester or term. Select the Timeline tab in the Plan & Schedule screen, click the placeholder you want to move and drag it to another term. You may only drag planned courses, and not registered or completed sections. 

A cropped screenshot of the Timeline tab of the Plan and Schedule screen. The user is in the process of dragging a placeholder from 22SU to 22FA.

Remember: planned courses are only placeholders. Once schedules for a term you've already planned are available, visit "Plan & Schedule" to add sections from that placeholder to your schedule. Then, once registration opens, you may visit "Register for Classes/View Schedule" to register for the available sections you added to your schedule.

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