How do I register for classes from the Course Catalog?

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Below are instructions to assist you with registering for courses from the Course Catalog. If you need help registering from Student Planningplease consult this article.

If you're new to Self-Service or just need a refresher with in-depth instructions, please consult our introductory videos on student planning as well as course search and registration.

(To view full-sized versions of these images, left-click on an image and it will display as a pop-up overlay.)

1.) Log into your Lesley University 
Self-Service account and select "Course Catalog" under the "Academics" menu on the left sidebar to search for courses. After receiving your search results, you can view more information and add the course to your schedule by selecting "View Available Sections for {Course}" and clicking on the name of the section. If you need assistance with searching for courses, you can visit this article for instructions.

Screenshot—Search results for CARTH-2423. The View Available Sections dropdown is highlighted, with section listings below the dropdown.

Clicking on the name of the section will display the Section Details:

Screenshot—Section Details popup for IAHIS-1190-01. Details include the course instructor, dates, times, location, available seats, credits, grade structure, requisites, a bookstore link, and a course description.

Please note that if you choose to run an Advanced Search and choose "Section Listing" under Results View, your results will look different:

Screenshot—Course search results using Section Listing. Individual sections are listed in a table with limited section details such as term, status, dates, and location.

2.) If you would like to add a course section to your schedule, click "Add Section to Schedule" or "Add", depending on whether you are in Catalog Listing or Section Listing. After choosing to add a course, the section details will be displayed in a pop-up window, where you will then select the grading scheme from the options allowed by the course. By default, "Graded" will be selected. Once you are ready, click "Add Section". You will not be registered for this course yet but will be able to view it on your schedule before performing the final registration.

Screenshot—Section Details popup for CARTH-2423-03. The Grading dropdown and Add Section button are highlighted.

3.) Select "Register for Classes/View Schedule" under the "Academics" menu to view your current schedule(s). The course section(s) that you added in the previous step will be in yellow and the course sections that you are already enrolled in will be in green.

Screenshot of student schedule on Self-Service. One the left is a list of courses they have added to their schedule. On the right is a weekly calendar with Sun-Sat rows and 12 am - 11 pm columns. The courses on the student's schedule are represented in their appropriate space as yellow or green boxes.

4.) If you would like to enroll in a course section, select "Register for Section" on that particular section to the left of your schedule. If you have multiple new courses on your schedule that you are not yet enrolled in, you can select "Register for Section(s) Now" near the top right of your schedule to register for all of them at once.

A wider view of the previous screenshot. The Register button under a course in the left-side list is highlighted, as is the Register Now button that sits above the weekly calendar on the right.


If a course you'd like to register for is closed and you want to join the waitlist, please consult our waitlist instructions.

Remember: You must complete a Financial Responsibility Agreement/Enrollment Agreement on the Lesley University Self-Service portal before registering for courses. You can read about the Financial Responsibility Agreement/Enrollment Agreement on the Student Accounts Office bill payment information page.


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