The following is a checklist of technology considerations for supervisors with regard to employees who are exiting the University:

  • If the departing employee receives any administrative database (Colleague) reports – via email or paper – the supervisor should inform IT so that they can replace (or remove) the departing employee’s account name. This step is especially important because, in some cases, a report that fails delivery to one recipient will also fail delivery to other (active employee) recipients.
  • Determine how the employee's email should be handled after employment ends. The email can be shut down or forwarded to another address temporarily. IT keeps the accounts active for 1 week after the employment end date in the event a supervisor needs access to the email.
  • Determine if an email auto-responder is necessary during the transition period.
  • If the departing employee is a member of any Exchange mail groups, the supervisor should contact the group owner to replace or remove the departing person’s account name. If the departing employee owns a group or is the only group member, the supervisor should request a change of ownership (from IT, not the employee).
  • If the departing employee manages a stand-alone department mailbox, the supervisor should obtain the password for the mailbox from the employee and delegate the responsibility for checking the box.
  • Discuss with the employee where the important data on his/her computer resides and take action to move/copy this data if necessary.
  • Obtain any needed passwords or access codes.
  • Arrange for the return of University-issued equipment and software, such as laptops, laptop bags, peripherals, ergonomic items, etc..
  • Change passwords to any University-related accounts to which the former employee may still have access.