In order to login to Lesley's Guest WiFi network, you will need to request sponsorship from someone with an E-mail address.  The following steps will walk you through the process.

1. Connect to the "Lesley  Guest" network and then open up your preferred browser, at which point you should get redirected to the page below. 

2.  Fill out the fields in the follow page and then hit Register:

  •  Your Name - Enter your First and Last name
  • E-Mail Address - This should be your personal email address which you will use to login to our network once approved
  • Sponsors Name - This field lets you lookup a sponsor( Lesley Employee or Student) that will need to approve your access from on campus.
  • Confirm - Accept the term of use policy.

3. Once the registration request has been processed, you will see the following page stating that your sponsorship is awaiting approval. 

5. At this point, your sponsor will receive an email asking them to approve your request.  Once they have done so, You will have internet access while connected to "Lesley Guest".