About the Network

The wireless network at Lesley is a centrally managed wireless network that offers a/n/ac connectivity to users in many locations across all three campuses. We offer both secured and unsecured wireless environments for the convenience of our students, faculty, and staff. All networks require a Lesley username and password to gain access. 

The wireless network in the residence halls is intended as an enhancement, not a replacement of the high speed hardwired networking infrastructure already in place for students. Usage is intended to support web browsing, instant messaging, mylesley, and other web services commonly used for furthering their education while here. High bandwidth applications such as gaming and streaming are supported, however we highly encourage the use of our wired network for better performance.

Available Networks:


  • This is a standard, unsecured wireless network. This network can only be used if you have Lesley credentials.
  • If you plan to do anything of a sensitive nature, we recommend using the lesley_secured instead.


  • This network uses WPA encryption to provide a higher degree of security and requires an additional network key/password for access. If there is a chance you may be passing information that should be kept private, you should use this network. You can obtain the WPA key Here.  Please note that you will need to login with your Lesley account in order to obtain this information.

Lesley Guest:


How To Get Started

For detailed instructions on connecting to our wireless network, please click Here.


Printing on the wireless is only available in the labs using Web Print. More information on using Web Print can be found here. We do not allow wireless printers on the wireless network.

Access for Visitors & Guests
Any Lesley faculty, staff member or student may sponsor a guest.  For detailed instructions on guest sponsorship, please click Here.

Privacy & Security
By its very nature, a wireless network is not as private and secure as the wired network we have in our offices, labs, and residence halls. The information you send across the wireless network travels through the air as radio waves and may be intercepted by anyone with the right tools.

Information Technology has taken measures to ensure a reasonable level of security and provide some privacy without making it difficult to use the wireless network. However, it is still up to each individual to protect themselves and their personal information.

To protect your privacy, we suggest you do not use the lesley_open network to pass personal information. After you register on the network, you should avoid sending any other login names and passwords and you should avoid conducting any personal business such as banking.

Faculty and staff are responsible for the secure handling of any protected information relating to students or University business. Please avoid using the wireless network to send sensitive information by email, and do not use Lesley's online information services (LOIS) or Colleague while on the unencrypted lesley_open network.