Viewing VoiceThreads

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Viewing VoiceThreads

VoiceThreads may be shared with you in a number of ways. They may be embedded in a course or may be shard via link.

You may view all VoiceThreads that have been shared with you on the Lesley VoiceThread Portal. To access it, go to and log in with your Lesley credentials. Go to About VoiceThread for step-by-step instructions. 

Having trouble with your Lesley account? Go to to reset your password or contact

Locating a VoiceThread

Once you have logged into VoiceThread you will be brought to your VT Home page. Here, you will see a collection of VoiceThreads that you can access. You can refine your view by using the menu icon to select a filter:

  • My VoiceThreads: All VoiceThreads created by you, shared with you by another person, or that you’ve subscribed to. This does not include VoiceThreads shared via groups or courses.
  • Owned by me: VoiceThreads you have created.
  • Shared with me: VoiceThreads that another person has shared with you directly.
  • Subscribed: A VoiceThread you’ve opted to subscribe to.

Click on the menu icon to filter your VoiceThreads

You may also search for a VoiceThread by title, author, or tag using the search bar in the top-right corner of the page.

Use the search box to search for VoiceThreads by title or author

To locate VoiceThreads shared within your course or a group, click on the sidebar to open a menu. Select your Course or Group from the list to view all associated VoiceThreads.

Click on the sidebar to view all courses and groups

Navigating a VoiceThread

From an open VoiceThread you can listen to comments, record comments (if you have appropriate permissions), and more.

  1. Home button: Click this to exit the VoiceThread and return to the previous page.
  2. Identity: See the identity you’re currently using and select a different one.
  3. Menu: Click here to access the share, edit, embed, export, and language preferences.
  4. Slide info: Find details about this slide, including its title, author, creation date, and any linked content.
  5. Detailed conversation channel: Click this button to expand the conversation channel and see commenters’ full names, comment details, and the duration of each comment.
  6. Comment search: If you are an editor of this VoiceThread, you can search through the comments on the slide. Search by commenter name.
  7. Conversation channel: Click on a person’s Identity image to listen to that person’s comment.
  8. Comment button: Click here to open the comment fan (list of all your commenting options) and record a new comment.
  9. Navigation arrows: Use the arrows to view other slides.
  10. Slide gallery: Click here to see all slides in this VoiceThread at once. If you are allowed to add slides to this VoiceThread, you will add them here.
  11. Zoom: Use these buttons to zoom in or out of the slide to see in more detail.
  12. Closed captions: Turn on closed captioning for a video slide.

Listening to and Viewing Comments

Playing Comments

Most VoiceThreads should begin playing automatically when you open them. However, you may start and stop comments at any time. To start playing a comment, click on the commenter in the conversation channel. The comments will continue to play in order until you click pause

Use the scrubber ball along the timeline at the bottom of the comment to move forward and backward quickly.

To jump to a specific comment, click on the commenter on the left side of the page. Alternatively, you may use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard as a shortcut to move quickly to the next or previous comment.

click on a commenter to play or pause the comment

Adjusting playback speed

Click on the “1x” button next to the comment’s timeline and use the slider to speed up or slow down.

Moving the comment bubble

You can move the comment bubble around on the screen so that it plays in the location that is most convenient for viewing the slide. Click and drag the comment bubble by the bar at the top, and let go when you’ve moved it to the desired location

In addition, you can make the comment bubble larger or smaller by dragging the bottom-right corner. This allows you to see more text at once when viewing text comments, and it allows you to enlarge the video if you’re viewing a video comment.

Increasing text size

Change the size of text in a text comment by using the Adjust Text Size icon (Tt) at the bottom of the comment. This opens the slider where you can increase or decrease the size of the text.

click on the adjust text size icon in a text comment to increase or decrease the text size

Creating and Replying to Comments

To create, edit or modify comments see Commenting on VoiceThreads.

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