Forms that are in progress can be found in your Pending/Draft Forms area of Dynamic Forms.  To access this area, log in at the Dynamic Forms Login screen and go to your Pending/Draft Forms. Do NOT click on a link to the specific form again.  If you click on the original form link again, it will start a new form instead of going to your form in progress. The link to the Dynamic Forms login page can be found on the Lesley Faculty / Staff website.

Accessing your forms

1. Log into Dynamic Forms using your Lesley credentials - the same ones that you use to log into LOIS or myLesley.

2. At the Welcome to Dynamic Forms screen, click on the Pending / Draft Forms button (first screen shot below).  If you are a Dynamic Forms designer, use the My Forms drop-down menu to see your Pending/Draft Forms (second screen shot below).

3. At the Pending / Draft Forms screen you will have access to:

  • Forms you completed, but were rejected by someone else
  • Forms you've saved in a draft status
  • Forms that require a payment
  • Forms that you need to complete
  • Forms requiring the signature of a co-signer