Basic troubleshooting steps for Dynamic Forms

  • Everyone with Lesley credentials has a Dynamic Form account. If you have any issues logging into Dynamic Forms, try logging into your LOIS account to test that you are using the correct username and password. If you are not, then go to the password management site - and click on Reset my Password. If you don't remember your security questions, or don't have a personal email address listed to verify your account, then you can call IT at 617-349-8770.
  • Dynamic Forms works better in some browsers than others. If you are having issues within Dynamic Forms, try again using a different browser.  
  • To upload a document to a form, click on the Browse button, navigate to the document you wish to load, and click Upload File.
  • When in doubt, always check your Pending / Draft Forms section to find a form.
  • If you seem to have to refill a form when you choose the action "Complete form" on the pending forms page, start filling out the form. The remainder of the form that you already filled out should then appear.